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Thread: C.O.W. #219. Frilled Sand-Surfer - VOTING!

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    C.O.W. #219. Frilled Sand-Surfer - VOTING!

    Round #219 - Voting!

    Topic: Frilled Sand-Surfer

    Deadline for voting: 1 week

    this weeks requirements... (read BEFORE voting)

    - Creature must reside in a sandy environment
    - Creature must in some way "surf" on or in the sand within said environment
    - Creature must have frills present in the design
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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Frilled Sand-Surfer

    Though fairly small, these creatures are very agile as they run on the desert sand, whenever they come across a downward slope on the sand dunes, using their legs, they spring forward onto the sand, sliding very quickly down the sandy slope, giving them added speed as they avoid predators or chase after prey.
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    Artist: Scriar

    Concept: Frilled Sand-Surfer

    This Frilled Sand surfing creature is considered to be an evolution of the desert scorpion. Using a flower like tail to attract insects; the frills of the tail fly back causing the stinger to thrust forward striking its prey. The creature body surfs on dunes using its front legs for manoeuvring, the creatures tongue much like a lizards is used for sensing its surroundings.

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    Artist: Rist

    Concept: Solitudo Fish

    The Solitudo Fish, or more commonly known as Frilled Sand-Surfer, is a unique blend of a fish and a slug. This gigantic can grow the size of a tree and can whip out at those too distant for its huge maw to grab. This particular breed likes to swim in the sand and surf on top to show its huge bulk and create fear in its prey.

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    Artist: DoctorDigits

    Concept: Frilled Sand-Surfer

    These creatures lounge upon the sandy beaches in their burrowed homes, when turtles come upon their beach they proceed to launch themselves in a frenzy to get the turtle's shell before another has the chance. . . after all, they need the shell to show off their gnarly sand-surfing skills to impress the ladies!
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    Saltatio Lacerta

    Artist: Shazam

    Concept: Saltatio Ventus Lacerta

    The Salatio Ventus Lacerta (Dancing Wind Lizard) has adapted to the harsh climate of the dessert and the great gusts that come with it. Instead of waiting for their dinner the Dancing Wind Lizard opens the frills around it's neck to ride the wind then quickly closes them to catch their insect meals. Sometimes when the wind becomes powerful enough the lizards seems almost like they're surfing on the sand.
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    Artist: Mr. Corlan

    Concept: Lesser Wind-rider
    The Lesser Wind-rider is a common sight amid the dunes of Altenar IV. Though rather slow and helpless crawling on the ground, when it spreads its leathery frills to catch the wind it can cruise over the sand at impressive speeds, its body held aloft by the wind and its specially adapted tail. Enlarged vertebrae in its lower tail form a bony, disc-like structure upon which it glides across the sand. It can even use this appendage as a hydrofoil to skate across water for short distances.

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    Artist: Logistic Puppet

    Concept: The desert arcinam

    It felt like I had been walking across this endless desert for a life time in search of the hidden temple of life. I had given up hope a long time ago that the temple even existed, it was only when all faith was lost that i saw the shiny structure amidst the golden glow of warm light on the horizon. Had i finally reached the answers I had been searching for my entire life? Was this the edge of the world where men met gods as the stories foretold? Only as this thought past my mind did i see a shimmering in the distance and the faint sound of hissing breaking the silence. Busting out of the sand and elegantly skimming the surface of the desert was the guardian of the temple and father of the deserts, the Arcinam. He swam through the sand like liquid silk, speedily making his way towards me. It was a strange feeling, like being brought into the world for the first, I felt no fear, only nervous excitement as the creature made his way towards me.
    "I'm ready for your blessing great beast" and as these words left my mouth, my mind was filled with memories of past worlds and universes, and my second journey had begun.

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    Artist: snippet

    Concept: Frilled Sand Surfer

    This beetle is a cousin of the cicada, and shares a similar mundane life cycle. It has adapted to living in a desert environment. Much of it's time is spent being dormant underneath the sand, but it awakens during mating season. The beetle lost it's use for it wings, and eventually evolved frills to help it "surf" down the giant dunes in search for other mates.

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    "Frilled Sand Surfer"

    Artist: Lege1

    Concept: "Frilled Sand Surfer"

    The ancient Egyptians left remnants of secret information, about an ancient beast that used to scower the infinite sands of the mystical Sahara deserts for food, in their hieroglyphs. These creatures were known as Frilled Sand Surfers and were named this by the pharaohs and peasant workers of many, many years ago. These creatures were said to work for the gods by covering up certain sacred history in the sandy desert like royal talismans, and weapons that were to be concealed by the desert strictly for use by the gods. Frill like appendages fanned out from the creatures neck as it glides and slides over multiple rows of sand dunes, thus giving the appearance to those who witnessed it from afar; a surfer.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Jeweled Wingmen

    Surfers of the long desert, the Jeweled Wingman use the wing cover chitin of their ancestors to learn to surf. Once they reach adulthood they purposefully maim and remove one of their own wing covers so as to create another surfboard for their offspring to carry on the surfing tradition.
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    Artist: McGhoul
    Concept: Sand Surfing Clawed Toad

    The Clawed Toad is an evolutionary marvel. Two long bony growths on the forearms allow the toad to "surf" down the dunes over the sand when locked together. The toad has grown additional arms and "handles" to offer much more stability and allow it to quickly throw its back legs in the air and use it's frill to take the wind and allow faster speed. The toad normally travels using all six legs for locomotion with its back clawed feet opening 90 degrees to create a foot. Not being incredibly fast in this state they bury themselves in the sand and ambush their prey by grabbing it with their claws when it gets too close.

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    Artist: alive

    Concept: Desert Rabasta

    Although the Rabasta cannot actually fly, it uses it's massive wings as paddles to swim through the desert dunes at incredible speeds. Unfortunate are the ones who are caught in it's path during a sand surf. It has been known to level entire cities.
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