So my alt button is getting stuck, not physically, like software bug input messed up algorithm kind of way.

I'd press it down either on the express keys on the tablet or on the Keyboard and it will take anywhere between a second to a bout 20 seconds to revert back to brush mode.

First I thought my tablet was dying. Thankfully I tested it out on multiple computers and it was working fine. Then I thought maybe it's Photoshop thats being the little whiny bitch it's always been. Nope same crud happens in Painter as well and like magnified becasue you know it's painter...

So it leads me to conclude that it's a Windows issue. Did a fresh install and lo and behold the problem is still there. Is it an update for Windows that I downloaded that's messing this shit up? Is my hardrive dying and that's causing the alt button to act like a drag queen on Ground Hog day?

I haven't the slightest clue. I've been searching for days and still havent come across a solution or even a workaround. Trust me I've tried everything.

So I throw the question on to you noble people, perhaps some of you have an inkling or have heard a whisper of something similar.