I've recently discovered this site and have to say that it's fascinating. Keep up the good work!

I have a problem you might be able to help me with. I play "Magic:The Gathering" - some of you will know it, im sure.

Basically there's this one card called Tangle Golem which I want to use in my deck, but the thing is I really dislike the artwork.

There is a tool called "Magic set editor" that makes it possible to modify magic cards in an easy, comfortable way. You can export the modified card as an .jpeg and print it in order to put it on the original card. Of course there is no commercial intent on my part - it's only for me

So I was looking for an art that shows a creature that resembles a golem in a swamp/forest-like environment:

Dan Milligan which I happened to find on this very site


Prince of Persia Golem, the maker of which I still have to figure out.

While they are both great and somewhat fitting, I'm still looking for alternatives. I'd prefer something more cyberpunk-esque like the creatures on both sides of the Human on this picture.

If you know any arts that would be fitting, feel free to show me.