So I decided that I was sick of drawing awful sparkledog-things and decided to try something new. I asked a friend and they said "Draw a spaceship". This was the hardest thing in the world so I asked for help in the "entertainment and concept art" section. They gave me some video tutorials and advice, so my next step was to get myself a "client". My boyfriend loves spaceships and physics, so he happily gave me the following brief;

A mothership that will analyse the moons of Saturn. It will hold 220 people, have a biodome forest thing and deployable shuttles to land on the surface. This ship will be about 300 metres across and run on VASIMR drives. Oh, and the living quarters must be a decent distance from the engines.

So I drew some silouettes like this video tutorial I watched instructed and they suck so hard...(Yes I am aware that one of the designs looks like a Vexor). Why am I sucking so hard at such a simple stage?!