Fresco: Android Painting App with Layers, Filters and .PSD Export

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    Smile Fresco: Android Painting App with Layers, Filters and .PSD Export

    Hi, I'm the creator of the app. I've mostly had feedback from casual users so far so I'd love to know what some of you guys think of it. Feature requests are welcome as well.

    Watch the YouTube trailer

    Fresco Lite: Android Market Link

    Fresco Pro: Android Market Link

    AppBrain links: Fresco Lite, Fresco Pro

    Fresco is a powerful painting and image editing app that features layers, filters, an intuitive interface and more! Designed for both novices and professionals, Fresco has everything you need to create digital artwork on your phone or tablet.

    Install "Fresco Pro" from the Market (LIMITED OFFER of ~$2) to upgrade from the Lite version for exclusive features:
    - ad free (versus ad supported).
    - 4 layers (versus 2).
    - 21 filters (versus 2).
    - 12 brushes (versus 3).
    - export to Adobe® Photoshop® format (.PSD) with layers intact.
    - brush spacing setting.

    ★ Feature List ★

    Full support for layer-based image editing:
    - Add, duplicate, merge, hide/show and reorder layers.
    - Transform layers by scaling, rotating, moving and mirroring.
    - Alter layer opacity.

    Enhance your work with the use of over 20 filters:
    - Create interesting effects with the blur, sharpen, emboss, noise and vignette filters.
    - Adjust image colors with the brightness, saturation, exposure and posterize filters.

    An interface where everything you need is at your fingertips:
    - Configure the texture, size and opacity of the brush and eraser tools.
    - Select colors using the color palette, HSV color picker and eye dropper tools.
    - Use gestures for zooming and panning.
    - Reverse mistakes with the robust undo system.

    More features:
    - Export your work to Adobe® Photoshop® format (.PSD) with layers intact.
    - Import and position photos on the canvas.
    - Your work is kept safe by the autosave feature.
    - Share your images with other apps to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and more.
    - Fresco uses less than 1Mb of storage space and is optimised for speed.

    Share your creations in the official Flickr and Facebook groups for Fresco:
    Flickr: Fresco: A Mobile Art Studio for Android
    Fresco: A Mobile Art Studio for Android | Facebook

    Permissions required:
    - SD Card: Used to save images to your SD card
    - Internet and Access Network State: Used to display ads in the Lite version and to send optional crash reports.

    Requirements: Android 2.1 or above. Multi-touch required for zooming and panning.

    Acknowledgements: Thank you to Rick Chandler ( for the use of his digital paintings (which were created using Fresco) seen in the screenshots on this page.


    "Gulpha Gorge landscape" painting by Rick Chandler (

    "Mr. Sketchy self portrait" painting by Rick Chandler (

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    wow. i just got my hands on it. love it! thanks.

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    As much as I really dislike the Droid Platform, I'm glad to see some decent art apps at least come out for it.


    My biggest recommendation for your app....Forget making this thing for Android Phones. The touch screens alone are for the most part garbage on some. I know first hand that capacative sylus's work horrid on the Droid 2.

    But Android Tablets...specifically the choice few that have N-trig Pen support would really benefit from your app. The HTC Flyer is the most stand out. Not even honeycomb nessicary, but The N-trig tablets require the app to be designed with the pen in mind, otherwise the pen won't work.

    And while hovering might still not work, overall accuracy is better and you get pressure sensitivty.

    N-trig sure ain't Wacom level, but its still preferable to Capacative Pens.

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