Hello everyone, my name is Nightfrost aka Adrian.
Im a UK student, and i currently have a bit of a problem...i want to try and finish my studies in the Bachelors Degree and also get my masters, but the thing is im running out of money and the Uk government, well they kinda suck ass, because what they dont tell you is that the higher the course is the less finical help you shall get, and i found out the hard way as at one point the stopped paying for my course also even tho i have low house income which means they cancelled my scholarship at the university....well any way i tried looking for sponsorship but i had no luck with it, i tried looking for a job but none ever bothers to answer or they tell you "sorry we cant help you" and im getting to a point that im starting to get worried with this....I want to study either in US, or in Spain cause UK for me is starting to be a big down fall. I want to get a scholarship but i dont know where i can apply for one, and also get finical cost for me to live. So any one has any ideas as to what i can do??????