Art: Portrait of Sir Ed

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    Anghiari Guest
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    Sadclown Guest
    That is a beautiful drawing, hands down. Two big thumbs up for ya. I'd change your image host tho, cause Angelfire doesn't allow for remote linking, so I had to copy and paste.


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    Anghiari Guest
    thanks for the link SadClown

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    Jul 2002
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    hey thats cool, it looks like a photo.

    -Alex Gering
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    This is absolutely phenomenal. I am totally floored. Man the texture on the material (whatever he is wearing) is absolutely awesome. Wow...sheesh. My only criticism might be the shadows on the right side of his face. Some of the shadows seem a bit splotchy. But I have a hunch looking at the rest of the drawing that those spots were in the original photograph or whatever source material you used. This is such an awesome drawing...can you post close ups so I can see your pencil work. Specifically the hair, mouth, and forehead wrinkles. Wow this is so great. Sorry can't talk anymore...I have to go practice.

    p.s. - how big is this in real life?

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    How long did that take you to render?
    Do you have any more to see?
    Did you use a paper with tooth or was that more of a hot press sheet?


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