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    Questions about private art lessons!

    OK so I have never had private art lessons before and I wanted to start.

    Here are some things that might make it easier to answer the questions I posted below.

    My reason for taking art lessons: I want to focus entirely on drawing the human figure. Start with the basics, then go into muscles, poses, etc. No painting or anything complicated, just drawing humans in pencil and learning the formulas for it. That is all I want to get out of my lessons.

    EDIT: I want to focus on the EXACTLY the science found in this thread:

    I wanted to know the following:

    1. How much can I expect to pay for 1 session and how long will it be?(just ballpark this based on your experience. IE. $10 for 30 mins)

    2. How often do you suggest meeting? Is meeting 3 times a week for an hour too much or too little?

    3. What are some things to keep in mind or watch out for when I look for an instructor?

    Thanks! I hope I made myself clear enough, if I didn't just say so!

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    I dont know how much drawing experience you have but in my experience in learning over the last year there is no "just the human anatomy". Especially if you are going to be creating it from the mind. Learning how to draw the basic shapes (cubes, spheres, eggs, cones) with proper perspective and shading will lead you into a method of constructing a human form. That being said, there are school (so I hear) that focus entirely on observational drawing, but even then they start you with still lives and other more basic things first and usually have a period of strictly charcoal before you make it to pencil.

    Go ask some instructors there plans and tell them what you want, I am sure they will have no problem explaining to you the order at which they do things and why they do them. And look at there art, is it similar to something you want to do? It does not have to be exact but close, if you get the chance ask to watch them work or sit in on a class and see if the dynamic is one you enjoy and think is right for your personal ideas of growth. But remember you are the student, and a lot of developmental ideas will change as you progress through your learning career.

    Finally check to see if there are some life drawing classes in your area (there's a thread somewhere that lists local life drawing classes in the US, some independent some at community colleges and so on), there is one around here that is only 5 dollars for 2 hours, you will most likely meet other artists that will be able to give you a better idea of available resources in your area. Maybe you will even find your teacher there. Good luck.
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    Thank you for responding! Very helpful post I already know about the basics of drawing like perspective, basic shapes, and a workable understanding of light/shadow, what reflects light, what absorbs it, how atmosphere effects it, etc. In fact, I've been working on drawing the human figure for a little more than a year now, I just suck I feel like now a one on one instruction with a teacher will be helpful because they don't have to show me the super basics.

    I will definitely check that out. I'm at a university right now and I know they do have sessions for their students, I guess I'll head over to the art college and look about! Thanks again!

    If anyone else can answer my questions that would be great too!

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