Hello guys, first time visitor to this site, though I say I really loved the atmosphere and felt I had to join, as I believe it will help me immensely with my drawing skills.

With that said, I won't lie when I say I'm a smidge intimidated by all the astounding levels of talent here. I always kinda considered myself pretty good at what I do, but this site made me realize I'm only a guppy in an ocean. It is my sincere hope that with help from the community here though, I can be nurtured into someone who pushes his art to the highest levels possible.

Another thing I should mention, I have had no formal education in art. Everything I learned I kind of just picked up on my own, usually in the form of studying references or just flat out trial and error. As a result, there is bound to be errors and anomalies strewn about everywhere, but hopefully after being trained here I can dispel most of these for future works.

Also I"m a lil confused by the concept of a sketchbook here, but from what I gather, it's essentially a gallery showcasing some of our works and requesting critique? sorry, I tried looking it up for fear of breaking rules and couldn't really find a concise answer. :/

Um, with that said, I'll just post a few of what I feel are my better works and see if they aren't too plum awful to work with, aye? And don't feel you need to hold any punches, I'll never learn if you aren't brutally honest, right?

Should be noted, a vast majority of what I work on are fantasy/monster related, I feel as if creatures appeal more to my imagination, and I'm less tethered by limitations to churn out gruesome beasts.

Tl;dr, here's my art and hopefully I didn't break any rules.