Beginning drawing from a live model - follow the class
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    Homework, part 2
    I am sooooooooooo not happy with how this one turned out. Bad paper choice, issues with a heatwave we're having and my stupid health (or lack thereof) getting affected by it, so I made a million little mistakes, I just couldn't concentrate right. In the end, even the fixative did something goofy, I'm guessing it too reacted to the 90F+ heat.
    If the class wasn't tomorrow, and the day is almost over, I would be redoing this.
    Everything that could have gone wrong today, did - I even managed to break my hard to find super long point pencil sharpener. I don't even know of they make those any more. *waaaaah*

    Realistically, it's not super bad, however, it ticks me off, because I can do better. MUCH better.
    -Wrong Color paper
    -Bad Sanguine and Bistre crayon blending, because of trying to make up for paper choice
    (Three trips to art stores, and I still didn't find the just right paper)
    -I sprayed fixative too early, before taking off masking tape and erasing pencil marks *D'oh*
    -Second light coat of fixative got all fuzzy, like I sprayed the thing with spray glue, not fixative. I suspect the heat had something to do with it.
    -Ball shadow shape is wonky
    -The heat is getting to me, 90F and no AC. I couldn't get comfortable shading things.
    -The fan noise is about to drive me crazy.

    Beginning drawing from a live model - follow the class

    I could use a hug, it's a girl thing.... and I hate it when I don't do my best... *smiffle* I know, I know, there's always the next time... I just feel like having a meltdown right now *stomps feet*, I'll be fine tomorrow.

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