Hello, my name is David (the name was taken hence my handle "Zippo" and am in need of a Graphic artist. I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I looked in the employment section but could see no "requests", please feel free to move this if appropiate.

I discovered your site by Google. I am from the United Kingdom, and sadly, no where near as talented as you fellows hence my visit.

I own a very small body jewellery website and need a series of logos. For the banner adverts, a business card and tee shirts.

The title is SkinCanvas and caters for people interested in body piercing and tattoos. This service of course I will pay for, and would like to see ideas (obviously in low res I do not steal) before a purchase price can be reached.

If this interests anyone please email me david@skincanvas.co.uk or visit the forums for a feel for the site at )SkinCanvas (Moderators please feel free to delete the link if you are worried about spam, it is not my intention but I understand).

Thank you,
David (who wishes he had an inch of you talented ppl and cant even draw a straight line with a ruler!