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    Quote Originally Posted by papageo View Post
    Finally found a real toned sketchbook at Utrecht.

    Its got a smooth finish and medium weight in a nice midtone brown color. Not quite as dark as Kraft paper or cardboard, but plenty dark enough for white chalk or pencil. And they come in spiral bound or hardcover in a few sizes and they're archival too.

    I have no idea why toned paper sketchbooks should be so rare. You'd think every decent manufacturer would have at least one in their product lines. Now that I've found these, I'll be stocking up on them
    This looks like the best I've seen, thinking about ordering some. I'm a little concerned about the tooth, worried it will be too smooth. Have you tried conte or compressed charcoal on it? Do you have any photos of drawings on it we could see?

    Up until now I've been getting by with this cardstock I found at Michaels. 65lb, average tooth. The colors in that picture are a bit off. The left is more grayish, the middle is more yellow and creamy, and the far right is a perfect light brown.

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    Awesome Oatmeal

    Not to resurrect an old dead post buuuut I love the utrecht oatmeal sketchbook. It takes pencil and acrylic really well. I have been amazed at how durable and thin the pages are. It also erases like a champ. Every once in a while I leave it under a big stack of anatomy books to flatten it out as it will puff up over time. My favorite thing to do is sketch out a mess of under drawings in pencil and seal the page and drawings with acrylic matte medium. You can take more acrylic, markers, ink, white out, sharpie paint markers over the top of the sketches. I got a little brush pen I filled with isopropyl alcohol so I can erase and liquify the markers and acrylic paint if I feel the need. Anyways, its an awesome sketchbook and I highly recommend it.

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    I've always been puzzled by how hard it is to find toned sketchbooks too. I find them indispensable.

    I am in the UK so I don't know if the same products are available in the US (if not I'm sure they're still easily ordered online), but I haven't seen anything like these mentioned, so I really want to tell anyone interested about the Murano pastel pads I use - there are three different ones available, each with six different colours of high quality paper in them. The "neutral" (greys, blue-greys, neutral browns) colours are my favourite but I love the "warm" (reds, yellows, warm browns) and "cool" (blues, greens, purples) pads too. They come in A3 and A4. I haven't seen any others like them and they are awesome.

    I also have an "Earthbound" recycled sketchbook with a kind of oatmeal brown paper, probably similar to those mentioned by others.

    I'm really interested in the tea staining idea - how is that done, is it just a matter of painting a wash with tea? (I love tea, and the idea of using it in my art appeals to me!). And would it help the longevity of the paper if some sort of sealant was used over the artwork?

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    I found this at Barnes & Noble today.

    Cachet Earthbound Recycled Sketch Book

    It had tan or light brown pages. As you can see from the photos I took, the one I found was spiral bound, which I would prefer. I might go back and buy it later.
    ...oh and the one I found was like ten bucks. Way better price.
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    Sorry to necro this, but would coffee make a suitable replacement for tea for the purposes of adding a bit of color to my sketchbook paper?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Falchion View Post
    Sorry to necro this, but would coffee make a suitable replacement for tea for the purposes of adding a bit of color to my sketchbook paper?
    You can use acrylics. Just pick your color wet the paper first before applying color and do a very thin wash with a big soft brush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynthia412 View Post
    unfortunately unless your paper is sturdy and thick it is likely to wrinkle after be stained. You may be able to iron it out though just make sure you put a barrier between it and the paper like a thick piece of cloth or you might burn the paper.Toned SketchbookToned SketchbookToned SketchbookToned Sketchbook
    If you want something a little more sturdy but still oatmeal colored, you could get a scrapbooking album. However it's a bit pricey.

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    Strathmore are finally coming out with toned sketchbooks. Theyll have all grey and tan. I think they will come out next month, if not I'll let you know when.

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    i want a cachet earthbound sketch book i think they would be awesome to work with, but i stay in new zealand and we dont have them

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    My sister's spending some time in Brighton, which gave me ideas for Christmas suggestions. That got knocked on the head when I found out the factory shop's fifteen miles outside Brighton...

    Doing okay with coloured card, though. And this:

    Quote Originally Posted by dpaint View Post
    You can use acrylics. Just pick your color wet the paper first before applying color and do a very thin wash with a big soft brush.
    ...which is only my opinion.
    Sketchbook Deviations

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    I make my sketchbooks myself, so I can use whatever kind of paper I want.
    Another option is making/buying a sketchbook with sturdy watercolor paper (not the one with texture, and not the ones that soak up all the water. But more normalish paper but very thick so it doesn't wrinkle), then paint it with a wash of ink or bister. the best way to get a beautiful toned paper, that does look natural.

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