IP and copyright - How close is too close?
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Thread: IP and copyright - How close is too close?

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    IP and copyright - How close is too close?

    So I'm sure a few of you are aware of a little independent game development company called Halfbrick who are best known for their title Fruit Ninja.

    In short, I found a blatant carbon copy of it called Fruit Slasher and (I think) any reasonable observer can pin down the similarity, which is the standard by which we judge if an artwork has plagiarized elements in it.

    Here is the clone, available on facebook,
    and some gameplay footage of the original 'Ninja. 'Ninja is just better in all ways, really. Especially more visually engaging and visceral.

    How close can people cut it before we start bringing out the IP hammer? I don't know if Slasher is at all cutting into Ninja's profits by the mere nature of existence (and part of me thinks it doesn't matter) but I still don't like the idea that people in an independent social gaming market are adopting the same 'Me too!' design mentality of the AAA industry.

    Anyway. Intellectual property. Plagiarism or not? Or doesn't it matter?

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