Sketchbook: Acids from hell

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Thread: Acids from hell

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    Acids from hell

    short story: lookin for feedback

    (move through the thread for updates!)

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    lovely works!!!more please. i like the second one a lot :colour& composition

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    Thanks DariusDs

    Yes I will post more soon!

    BTW, do you know how to change the Icon "display picture" of the thread? it automatically grabed the first image for it...

    Edit: I do know now, but ill place this piece here for easier thumbling

    Name:  5401493728_39293326fe_b.jpg
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    very nice colors man, your characters would pop out more with better backgrounds

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    rem92 - Thanks, yes I see what you mean,
    it all too much in the same "plane" right?, I should work it so it gains depth,
    yes yes, you are right!! as soon as I get some time from work im gonna try on correct that

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    Another piece

    Another illustration, this one is pretty old (2 years or so)
    but I was thinking on a bit of revamp.... tho its not clear that is anything else needed on it

    and its analogic, pencil + watercolors + markers
    Name:  portal.jpg
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Size:  172.2 KB
    The Portal

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    Great works, i really like your style! And colors, i especially like the pinkish purple girl with the gun.
    I agree about the 'more elaborate backgrounds" crit...keep 'em coming!


    Open for commissions......just PM me.
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    Fallen Angel - Thanks a lot, yes I gotta work on the backgrounds more,
    its weird that I somehow "didnt notice" that, and yet I see how I could take much more profit of the characthers by working into that

    anyway, cant start till weekend when I get my pen tablet back home from work

    by now... another drawing

    Name:  24_456633389262257472b7b.jpg
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Size:  237.5 KB
    Symphony of Destruction

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    Your pencils and watercolors are amazing; please show us some more!

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    Your colors and perspective are amazing! Your backgrounds are a little flat, but they still have a lot of potential. Your art reminds me a lot of Battle Angel Alita for some reason.

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    FightingSeraph - Thanks!!, yes I will
    Telephonoscope - Thanks a lot, yep over the weekend ill try some workouts, specially the first image and the third images I posted, lacking background details/interest
    Battle Angel Alita.... Yes! Its been an inspiration for me, I think it might show on the proportions of some girls/faces.. I dont know

    Some moleskine sketches:
    Name:  49_48890199908046389c0db.jpg
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Size:  197.4 KB

    Name:  3971441230_0f9bcd5fab_z.jpg
Views: 3252
Size:  228.4 KB

    Name:  4024981385_2521f48e33_z.jpg
Views: 3289
Size:  263.2 KB

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    Here is some quick sketch I did over a photo of S. Johansson

    I promise to upload some pieces with improved Backgrounds over the weekend

    Name:  51_5502923425de3425d5d5b.jpg
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Size:  142.3 KB

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    North-west England
    damnn, i found your channel on flickr a longg while back and ive been keeping an eye on it since - i love your stuff. you do gorgeous things with moleskines.
    so glad to find you on CA

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    this is great my friend,can you tell us more about your working process,and what kind of synesthesia is asociated with this visual art works,thanks

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    Jessibelle - Thanks!! Im glad to meet you here aswell, tho i dont know what was your name on Flickr?

    Josowicz - Im glad that you ask,
    about my process: aint much special usually look through my archive of photos to get a preview of some anathomy or body pose or face that feels like it could be nice and then start working sketches using parts and adding new parts, etc creating a composition, and adding elements
    thats pretty much about it im not too good when it comes to techniques, I just do as I think its right but I have no deep theory of "how its properly done",
    about the synesthesia that you mention, overall its pretty much a "brain fart", there is for me no deep message, specially for the more concept art oriented pieces, sometimes I do take a grasp on simbolism and abstract concept to strength and idea and suggest some trains of thought but definitely I prefer that everything is open to interpretation,
    if we paint ficticious worlds its cool that anybody can still feel like he can live in them without a philosophical pre-step needed to enter

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    Nottingham, UK
    Great work and very inspirational (for me at least) i like your style and the girls you draw, thanks for explaining a bit about your work process.


    Open for commissions......just PM me.
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    This is fantastic stuff! Love your daring palette. Thanks for checking out my SB

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    Fallenangel - thanks a lot , hopefully I'll be posting more of the process from now on!

    GEB - Np, thanks to you, it was a pleasure to look at

    Dile_ - Thanks a lot

    Now with the "work-on",
    I did a revamp of the background in Sacred, its really more amusing now, tho im not 100% sure about the depth
    anyway here is the image:

    Name:  sacredafter.jpg
Views: 3187
Size:  272.5 KB
    Sacred before and after

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    Love this gallery. Great colors and compositions.Also love your characters. Keep it up!!

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    Juniversal - Thanks a lot, Im glad that you like

    Also, following the advices I recieved here im reworking the background for the "Liz" piece, im posting a progress, its very sketchy thing and Im working on a layer just on top of everything so I go faster, ill create a hole for the fig with a mask once Im done =)
    might do a bit deformation on the figure to match the new bg perspective aswell, but im not sure its gonna be needed,

    Name:  lizbg.jpg
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Size:  186.8 KB
    Liz + background rework

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    Nottingham, UK
    Looks cool,
    some crit about the pink/purple girl picture (just love that one) i think you should play a bit more with the contrast of the character and the back ground, just to make her "pop out" a bit more.

    And here is something that i thing you should give a try:

    I't's a "Ballisticpublishing" exotique 7 entries call, give it a try... with some more work spent i think you can compete on that level too.

    Open for commissions......just PM me.
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    CARIBBEAN saint lucia

    Ca some one tell me why my avatar isn't being display??

    at the main page my avatar is just blank,he please

    Caribbean 3d Junkie..respect to God
    He in one blood he and Eye
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    Fallenangel - Yes, I had my doubts about that, tried to fix it but indeed it still needs to pop a bit more,
    about that link... its definitely interesting, I'm not sure if I have the quality to be there but I loose nothing by trying.. thanks a lot!!

    AbsorbenGhost - Sorry mate I think you got to the wrong thread

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    So I am going to ask a few questions because I really like your stuff:

    1. Are those regular moleskine sketchbooks, do they handle watercolor well? I have a Moleskine sketchbook, it got wet and left wet marks. So I am afraid that watercolor would be bad.

    2. Do you use photo reference for those girls?

    Thank you for reading.

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    Vay - Hey there, just gonna repply and then im off to bed! (0:03 here)
    1.- They are the ones with the heavy pages, with a bit yellow tone, not sure if they got a special name, but as said the pages are heavy
    they dont actually handle water too good, because they've used a lot of "celulosa" (thats in spanish.. cellulose?) or silicone something that makes the pages actually a bit water repelling, I guess they did coated the pages that way cause its meant for pencil and graphite (still not the best coating for that) but still that "water-proof" quality of the paper its cool for me its produces different effects even if its technically speaking "doing it wrong"
    also there is some kind of moleskine meant for watercolors with proper paper, but its different, instead of book like its in landscape format

    2.- Yes, I use references, usually not a "whole girl" I start with a face or a bare body position and then i change the arms, legs etc and look for new references for specific parts of the body if I dont have clear how they are supposed to be.. for example in the piece named "Sacred" I used a full reference for the face, meaning I didnt stray much from the photo but then for the armor and the lancer I went mostly from memory
    on "Liz" which is the first image on the thread I went most of it by memory, and now im using references of real castles for the background
    So short answer : yes I use references, but I'm trying to avoid just nailing down photos and trying to always add, modify do this kind of "frankenstein" thing so my mind dosnt get too lazy

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    Good morning,

    So I experimented a bit more with the BG on this one
    looks better now, I was holding to not break the color scheme of blue/pink but I think it was needed to add more tones so the characther indeed could break from the background and add depth

    Name:  sacredafter3.jpg
Views: 3118
Size:  342.4 KB

    Let me know your thoughs!! also added a bit of neon glow effect and so

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    The final piece now, I modified a bit more the lights, colors and redrawn that planet on the top

    its final!! or.... at least for now!
    Later on i'll be uploading some sketches for new pieces,

    Name:  sacredfinallr.jpg
Views: 3085
Size:  157.4 KB
    Sacred 3.0 Final

    Name:  53_57480947099189bb3b59b.jpg
Views: 3093
Size:  174.7 KB
    Flesh - A quick study from a photo - photoshop

    Name:  25_47186467605cde6703d6z.jpg
Views: 3056
Size:  388.0 KB
    Alive - Some moleskine sketching, pencil + watercolors

    Name:  15_book27tidal.jpg
Views: 3049
Size:  202.7 KB
    Tidal - Another moleskine sketching, pencil, markers and a bit of spray

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    You've got yourself a big fan here! Great work

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    Awesome sketchbook! Not only great art, but your positive attitude, the willingness to take crits, and excellent reworking of paintings to improve them. Your colours are so bold and energetic. Subscribed.

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