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    weeeeeelll, alright. I'll come back. You can thank Fetsch for convincing me not to bugger off forever.

    So! Here are all the images from my show that you haven't seen. If you want to see them all together and check I didn't miss any, go here:

    Name:  24Columns_WEB.jpg
Views: 884
Size:  159.7 KB
    Name:  19Barn Panorama_WEB.jpg
Views: 885
Size:  127.4 KB
    Name:  18Snow Kill_WEB.jpg
Views: 880
Size:  213.9 KB
    Name:  17Morning Snow_WEB.jpg
Views: 879
Size:  191.5 KB
    Name:  11George-WarriorDrawing_WEB.jpg
Views: 878
Size:  213.5 KB
    Name:  10Tangle Stalker_WEB.jpg
Views: 886
Size:  180.3 KB
    Name:  07Sapsucker_WEB.jpg
Views: 879
Size:  192.1 KB
    Name:  06Woodshed_WEB.jpg
Views: 874
Size:  169.6 KB
    Name:  05Lion's Den_WEB2.jpg
Views: 872
Size:  166.9 KB
    Name:  04EncroachmentDrawing_WEB.jpg
Views: 868
Size:  208.3 KB

    And here are a couple drawings I did recently:

    Name:  03Soldier_WEB.jpg
Views: 879
Size:  98.6 KB
    Name:  02MoebiusPerson_WEB.jpg
Views: 873
Size:  103.4 KB

    and a couple new digital WIPs:

    Name:  JarGuy_V1_WEB.jpg
Views: 866
Size:  68.2 KB
    Name:  Aliensketches_WEB.jpg
Views: 865
Size:  100.8 KB
    Name:  JarGuy_V4_WEB.jpg
Views: 868
Size:  96.1 KB
    Name:  Dave_V6_WEB.jpg
Views: 860
Size:  110.2 KB

    . . . that's it.

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