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    Hell and Heaven united?

    Hi all this is the lastest thingy i been doing for the
    last week, it felt like it tooked forever to be done,
    but at long last i have finished up this one =)

    I was tring to think on somehing new to paint so
    I thouhgt that an alliance of deamons and angels aganist
    a comun foe could be a fun subject,
    and i thought of doing it in like two days max, but
    in the end it tooked a whole freaking week for me to get
    this right, i hate time frames =)

    The white beast it is my personal interpretaion of an angel, hence
    the aureola over his head, and he is been raided by a she-deamon
    with horns and tail, they are fighting a faccion of hell that have
    decided to take out satan of his trone.

    Well here is the image i hope you all enjoy,
    as usual any constructive commets and critics
    are more than wellcome =)

    Hell and Heaven united?

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    It's a good idea, but doesn't come off as dramatically as it could. Don't get me wrong, it's far above my skill level and i like it very much, but there are a few things lacking. I like the sense that the clouds are moving, which definitly creates some interest. The wings are also beautifully done, and so are the mountains. I'm not particularly fond of the demons or the giant creature. The demons dont feel at all menacing or evil. Maybe they could be hunched over more, a little bit more skinny maybe, with gnarled hands or something? The muscles on the giant thing bother me because they seem to defined. It doesn't really go. Also, they eye on the creatures neck is confusing. Is it supposed to be painted on or an actual eye? The tears coming from it are what's confusing. Overall though I like it. You are a very good artist and a very good painter. It's just getting the point across that you seem to struggle with a little bit. I have the same problem, and by critiquing (sp?) this, I feel as if I've learned something too.

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    Thanks for the construcive critics
    and the nice encouragmet comments
    tho i will not make any changes
    to this one (i like it as it is and one
    can not stay making chages on
    a painting forever he he)

    I have taken in good
    consideration your critiques and on
    the next one i hopefully i will do
    better i have had lerned a lot
    of things about many areas while
    doing this one

    it is time to make the
    next one

    bw i changed the neck eye i have had
    a bit of a light inconsistency hence it
    looked painted and not as part of the
    creature, it should be ok now thanks
    for the tip
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    I agree with NoodleBoy017 in that the demons don't look particularly menacing but they do have this sort of "pulp comic villian" look to them. I don't know what exactly you were going for but they work in that sense.
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    In my idea the big angel just wipe out
    form the face of the earth like 7 of
    this little deamos with one strike.
    So the rematen few ones are kinda
    thinking about going to enter a fight
    in wich they will surely perish so i
    wanted for them to be evil but i did
    not wanted to show them as if they
    were going to follishly go in to the
    fight after they see the outcome of
    thier friends.

    I did not thought of pulp comics while
    doing em but i see what you mean,
    I wanted for them to be awaiting
    becase i in this fantansy word of mine
    they are bigger deamons
    bigger enoguht to stand a fight
    againist that big white angel so they
    are waiting for reinforcemets.

    that pretty much sums up
    my inner thinking while doing it
    he he

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