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    Smile Current Portfolio up - Critiques Welcome

    Hi guys, just graduated after a tough year at FZD, I think I got some idea on digital painting and production drawing like props, etc, but still rough around the edges but I'm quite happy with the improvement. I could never do anything but just simple sketches before, school and having daily deadlines pushed.

    old work before school :

    Anyway I'd just like to share and get some critiques as I'm currently doing new stuff for my portfolio, like what I could improve on and what subject matter might make a better portfolio now that I some free time on my hand while looking for work.

    Thanks, will try to join the discussion in the boards as much as I could

    All the Best,

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    Solid work - nothing to critique really - I like the "Ryders" series the most. OK, if I had to make one comment...I would like to see something that really stood out - over the top in some fashion. It was all good work, but somewhat expected if you know what I mean? Kick out the jams! As they say...
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    @Jeffx99 - Thanks for having a look at my portfolio. I couldn't agree with you more. Trying to do new pieces right now since most companies that went during our gallery show wanted to see more variety and not just "homework-done-well".

    Will post more.

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Nice stuff Wilson,

gonna try to be honest with you, so here goes,
in my opinion you should draw more, everything is really stiff, and I don't really see much understanding of planes/form, but the silhouettes do most of the work for you. I also don't see much finished stuff, everything is left after the piece has been constructed, but you're still missing the polish. Don't be afraid to keep a folder of your .psd's available, and to open up old paintings and refine them once in a while! You can learn a lot from getting back 'into old thoughts' as well. Your concept/art is 'dull', it has nothing that stands out, especially when you see them all at once, there is almost no information to gain from viewing them in full-size from the thumbnails. I like the red though, but that is almost the only thing generating attention. As for technical stuff such as perspective, composition and anatomy, I think they are there, they just need to be focused more on. You are really good at not getting lost in the details, which is a big plus, just take one more step back after you got your idea and make sure your fundamentals are all there.
As for your production drawings = GREAT. Do more of those!

Keep it up, and make sure to keep your foundations sharp!

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    Wow.. big ass improvement man, huge difference of the before and after FZD
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