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    The real reason why microsoft purchased skype?!

    Some wondered why would microsoft purchase skype as has been outlined in this article: What ever the reason now skype installs EasybitsGo.exe on your computer with out your permission. The easybitsgo.exe runns as a process even though you click deny in skype when it asks you if you allow it to run.

    Easybitsgo have provided a way to get rid of it and that is by going here: However, that is a fake uninstall !!! Easybitsgo.exe is still goign to be on your computer. The only way to get rid of it for sure is to go under tools-options-advanced and uncheck "automatically stop extras" also click on the "manage other connections to skype" link on the bottom and remove Easybitsgames.

    This malware seems to have hitchhiked in on a "trusted" program: Skype. So that means inside Skype, there's a trojan downloader. It bypassed all the windows authenticity checks, alerts, certificate of authenticity verification and user permissions. That the trojan downloader inside Skype bypasses all these Microsoft Windows security features seems intentional. Just because we found one trojan downloader installed by Skype, doesn't mean we found all the exploits. This downloader facilitated Easybits to make vast changes to the registry. Apparently, Skype also didn't test this software before pushing it over their service. Or they didn't care. shows lots of file modifications and registry entries. Skype is a broadband conduit to the web and has hooks to facilitate program calls to this conduit. Any program installed under Skype has the potential to compromise all the data on the machine and all shared data on the LAN. Additionally, this trojan downloader inside Skype might be exploited by other hackers.

    The more customer installations EasybitGo can claim, the higher the value of the company. With the impending purchase of Skype by Microsoft, Easybit would potentially be dropped, perhaps to be replaced by a Microsoft games product. They seem to have struggled to push out this untested malware (over a holiday weekend) to establish themselves as in important integral Skype feature. In a last ditch effort to become part of the new Microsoft VOIP and messenger product that evolves from the Skype purchase, they forced this installation on users even though only 30% of Skype customers ever use the Skype game features. That means they overstate their customer base by a factor of three. I think this abuse and unwanted publicity may assure they won't become part of the new Microsoft product.

    Not a wonder that game sessions have jumped to over 7 million sessions. If you run Skype in the background when you don't use it you are probably generating loads of game sessions.

    P.S. Now that microsoft is the owner you can expect more of this. I guess when they bought skype they thought they also bought the users!

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    Oh nooooo, what do we do now????
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    have not seen this EasybitsGo.exe install on any system i have Skype on and I just updated .. If it is spyware/Mailware it can be blocked if you have software firewall. I don't like adware or crapware added to my computers.. its as bad as google with google updater it installs and changing your system and installs into your system and running 3 or 4 version at startup and changing your accounts so it can run with out asking you ... its bad check your Task Scheduler in your systems you'll see google updater running ...more than one time ..delete all...

    I look into this EasybitsGo.exe and this what I found


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    Ha, the chinese version of Skype is managed by a local software joint venture partner. They modified it to run buggy, annoying adware with all sorts of pop up dirty tricks. It's not microsoft, Skype are just evil and don't have any regard for computer security. Having to implement Microsoft's security standards will probably be an improvement.

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    God forbid companies buy things because they're good investments.

    And I don't use skype.

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    judging by some unconcerning responses so far, what you've got here is a case of "but how does it affect me?" readers who, unless you spell out the danger of this situation to them in an exaggerated way with less facts and more drama, they will remain ignorant about it until it is too late.

    you should title the thread "download skype, and a baby kitten dies!" maybe that'll work.

    I think this is a terrible practice. I myself switched to mac because I grew weary of windows, I know malware and other stuff can happen to macs also but windows is much more popular with them. And I don't know that much about computers for me to be able to know and stop exactly what goes under the surface whenever I go on the internet. I just hated whenever I went on control panel I'd have a gigantic list of software I never even remember downloading before.

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    I'm not really sure what the point of that post was, but I saw trojan, and I'm sure it's meant to be a scary post on why we should hide under our desks and equip our tinfoil hats or whatnot, but I'll weigh in to give a bit of a counter-balance.

    Easybits, by the description on ThreatExpert, is a mild adware program. If you ignore the scary "z0mg it haz registry keys!!!!oneoneoneone" statement and scroll all the way down, you'll see that it calls out and polls one site: First clue: checks for Flash.

    Next, if we assume that ThreatExpert is the end-all-be-all of network packet detection (Spoiler: it's not), we can assume that's all it does. Not even so much as to collect and ship my information out for targeted ads. When I want my data mined, I want to be targeted for Athromorphic ninja nekomimi swimwear. Not just regular swimwear, pif. Second clue: doesn't send anything out; it's preloaded with some silly flash games.

    Lastly, this is the typical characteristic of a real trojan. It modifies system files, and generally creates unhappiness where ever it goes. Easybits is a mild nuisance, equivalent to getting poison ivy on the knuckle of your middle finger. Third clue: It's not a fucking trojan.

    What's the real reason Microsoft bought Skype? Money. Plain and simple. MSN users don't pay anything, Skype users pay for services. It's a very basic equation. Was it a punk move for Skype to install a secondary software loader? Kind of...? It was a source of additional revenue for those who don't pay for services. Think of it parallel to an Android/iPhone developer implementing ads to their app.

    Also, they've disabled it and apologized for the mix up with the Extras Manager. I'm not sure what more you'd want from them, sheesh.

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