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    New at this

    Hey guys,
    I've been creating images for posters for a little while.
    I've been working from photos but recently I have been branching out and illustrating from scratch.
    I need to work on getting depth and texture into my pieces and as These image are being used on posters (local gigs) I need to work on my lay out of text and such.
    I've included a link for my more recent posters. because I'm retarded and can't get my images to upload at the moment Any feedback (be brutal) would be sweet
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    Im a designer who has done some gig posters in my time, so hopefully i can offer some help.

    On the design:
    - Typography is probably the weakest elements in all of this. I think I see a few spots where you stretch the type, which is usually always a bad choice. My type professor used to say "Remember that type has a face, would you want me to do that to your face?" which always made me laugh. So I would avoid doing that. Spend time finding type that fits the feel and the space instead of forcing type into the space.
    - A lot of your elements are around the same size. Decide on which reads are most important; the band? the time? the date? the venue? - The most important pieces should contrast and stick out, and that doesn't always mean they have to be huge, even though whatever the headline is should be the biggest element.
    - Grammar is still important, but depends on the consistency of the piece. "A different kind of sunday" for example - Sunday should be capitalized because with the beginning of the statement being capitalizes suggests some respect to grammar, so consistency is important. If an entire sentence is lowercase, then its at your discretion.
    - The typeface you use "Sonic Escape" in - generally avoid that typeface. It screams power point presentation.
    - Since you like illustration, consider doing some hand done type. Actually, once I started doing this for my posters it became addictive, which is a good thing because it gives your type elements ultimate uniqueness since it isnt in a typeface that is on other peoples computers. It will look more like a designed piece than a memo or something of that sort. I have a couple examples of doing hand-done type on my portfolio:

    On the illustration:
    - Your proportions are good for the most part, but dont be afraid of curves or even stylizing your pieces somewhat.
    - I would work on color a little bit, its just a little bland at the moment.

    I hope this helps you. I would spend some time reading up on typography, it is something that takes time and patience to master. I have known people to take 3 type classes and still struggle. There are some great books out there on it.

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