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  • Aeronik

    16 20.51%
  • Snarfevs

    12 15.38%
  • Thalion

    16 20.51%
  • DPFX

    1 1.28%
  • mat0fr

    1 1.28%
  • maeganite

    2 2.56%
  • Dcritelli

    0 0%
  • Chron121

    0 0%
  • AdrianNagorski

    0 0%
  • vivi

    0 0%
  • Whiskey Sour

    1 1.28%
  • Camel

    2 2.56%
  • alembic

    2 2.56%
  • McGhoul

    0 0%
  • kubikub

    0 0%
  • Flame Unquenchable

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  • jrbarker

    2 2.56%
  • Rob Powell

    4 5.13%
  • strangedawn

    19 24.36%
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    C.O.W. #216 ,the painter. VOTING!

    C.O.W. #216 the painter_Voting!



    Topic: the painter

    Deadline for the voting: June 22nd

    this weeks Requirements...

    - the creature can be any color, but the fluid it produces must be blue. The shade of blue is up to you.

    - you must show how the creature makes the fluid in your design. As well as how they apply it.

    - You need to keep in mind why it marks its territory, but its acceptable to only include that in your description.
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    Artist: Aeronik

    Concept: Paintbug

    It's a bug!

    When the sun starts to set, the flightless male paintbug's fancies turn to love. So he daubs a luminescent spiral on a handy arboreal surface in the hopes of attracting himself a mate. Whirring by at speed, the ladies judge potential fathers on the size and incandescence of his pattern.

    The thoughtless fellow below has painted his target on the underside of a branch! Looks like another lonely night for him...

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    Artist: snarfevs

    Concept: Azuriferous Dandelkar

    One of the inherently magical creatures of the Outer Lacunae, the Dandelkar secretes a blue paste which it uses to paint protective sigils, scaring off psychic predators and attracting mates. The paste is generated in a specialised calyx-like organ on top of the creature's head, which acts as a sort of magical funnel. Countless aeons of natural selection in the Lacunae have resulted in the development of a variety of very effective sigils, which are enthusiastically copied down by hermetic magicians whenever the dimensions are close enough to attempt a crossing.

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    Artist: Thalion

    Concept: Moloch Goghasso

    Moloch Goghasso is not only an excellent painter, but also a farmer. It marks the mounds of termites of which it takes care, and which it eats. Each reptile has its own unique sign to recognize its own mound. It has got two tongues that helps catching termites. Some scienties say that creature looks like a real artist when it is painting its signs.
    "Imagination is more important than knowledge..."
    Albert Einstein

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    Artist: DPFX

    Concept: Flospericulum Faciens

    This predator dresses a blue secretion to approximate the shape of local flowers. After being exposed to air for a few minutes, the "painting" becomes extremely sticky and traps any small creature that touches it, providing the flospericulum with an easy food source.
    Will design for food, provided that we all agree that money is edible.

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    Artist: Mathieu Stern

    Concept: The Pollock

    Pollocks mark their territory by driping liquid blue incense.
    they swing from branch to branch by sucking nectar from flowers they encounter.
    Their 18 eyes allow them to avoid being surprised by a predator from above or below.
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    Artist: maeganite

    Concept: Cloven-Hoofed Snufflat

    The Cloven-Hoofed Snufflat was an incredibly curious but absent minded creature. Because it was so easily distracted and therefore continually got lost, it used the blue secretion dripped from its tail to mark the way back home, usually a hollowed-out log. This proved to be most unfortunate for the species, which is now suffering extinction due to the ease in which predators can find the blue trails.
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    Artist: DCritelli

    Concept: Cave painter
    A delicious delicacy, the cave painter is difficult to catch because of the toxic goop they leave on the entrance to their domiciles. Which they don't often leave the comfort of.

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    Blue Fog Frog

    Artist: Chron

    Concept: The Blue Fog Frog
    Nearly Blind, this creature can only see shades of blue. to overcome this handicap it emits a light blue fog, from openings above its eyes. Due to a layer of mucus this sticky arosol-like fluid does not stick to the Frog itself, but if it stays in its's territory long enough the entire environment will be tinted blue. It is an insectivore, and hunts by expunging a large 'loogi' of the sticky fluid from it's mouth, trapping it's prey. Be warned, as it will also spit if agitated. The fronds with the bioluminescent blue pinpoints only occur on males, and appear to be to attract the females of the species

    C.O.W. #216 ,the painter. VOTING!

    (Since today's the deadline, and apparently the attach isn't working for me, posting regular IMG just to make sure it gets in.)

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    Artist: Adrian Nagorski

    Concept: Aquatic Painter

    This sea creature releases blue paint through its front nostrils to use for washing its hands with and releasing into the waters around its territory.

    Its tail is used for reproduction and has a special paint released from it, being a darker blue.

    It also uses its paint to knock out prey and its front legs to rip little fish apart then sucking them in through its tentacles.

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    Artist: Vivi

    Concept: Museum Dweller
    It crawls in attics, hiding among old wooden frames, searching for the perfect shade of blue among deserted paintings, to imitate it and attract the opposite sex. It keeps its' storage on each leg, if things get out of hand, you'll get a colourfull blue wall.

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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Bluemer
    The Bluemer loves to finger paint with his own saliva. His three mouths each produce a different color of blue. Unfortunatly with his large fingers and tiny brain, his paintings tend to look like smears of blue paint.

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    Artist: Camel

    Concept: Blue Cloud Dauber

    The mysterious blue-hued clouds of the Grand Hollow Mountain range became a mystery no more once the technology for human flight made its way to the indigenous population. What was once considered a mystical sign from the gods was found to be the work of the friendly blue cloud dauber - a creature who spends most of its life floating aimlessly around the sky leaving a trail of bright blue vapor. This vapor, when cloud cover and weather conditions are amiable, settles into the clouds, signaling to fellow daubers favorable conditions for feeding and breeding.

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    This creature spends its days foraging for semi-sentient, luminescent plants which it ingests and, through an Unknown Miracle of Biochemistry, metabolizes into a glowing blue 'paint'. It subsequently secrets this fluid through a system of veinous ducts onto the roller-like pads that cover its 'feet' (it is, to date, the only known creature in the galaxy which has evolved wheels, but its 14m height has precluded any specimens being obtained for study). These leave a glowing track as it 'roller-skates' across the vast plains of its homeworld... whether this behavior serves as a territorial warning to others of its kind, as a mnemonic device to avoid retracing its own steps, or some other reason entirely is unknown.

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    Artist: McGhoul

    Concept: Vango Dog
    These creatures have adapted to the arid climate by marking their paths to the closest water source. Their bodies have evolved by taking their food source (blue berries that seem to flourish with little water) and extracting the pigment and storing it in glands near the base of their tail. When they are marking a trail the pigment is shot out of the tube like tail to the desired location. They then use their paint brush like tongue to create the mark they desire. Another adaptation is their vision, blue being the only color they can see allows finding food and maps to water a snap.

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