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    New victim with new art

    *wave* Hi all! I just joined Concept Art forums after surfing around for awhile, got here from's freelance forums. I posted an intro down in the Lounge so I won't repeat myself, but I'm really proud of my first maybe semi-professional work? So I figured I'd post it and see if you guys like it too. Whaddya think, am I ready for the real world of freelancing, etc, yet? =)

    Sorry it's a Deviant Art page, I don't have a website of my own yet, as much as I'd like one.

    Edit: I'm so sorry! That'll teach me for posting when I'm tired. Here's the image. ANd the creature is called a hippocampus, I think, but I could be wrong.
    New victim with new art

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    Um, rules say new threads must include an image (that means you can't just link to it, if im not mistaken)

    hmm, the eqinemermaid (equimaid? ichyine? seahorse?) is a rather interesting concept. However, you do have some serious depth issues. For instance it is hard to tell if it's even in water. Light seems to be pouring down from above, but the bottom of the picture doesn't get much darker, which would suggest depth. Also the shape of the water itself boggles my mind. It radiates around the subject, really confusing the concept of if there's supposed to be a surface to that water at all. This is important because light only penetrates water to any significant degree very close to the surface. Also, those light ripples on the bottom don't make a lick of sense.

    Unless this crazy critter is in some sort of water sphere, which would be suggested better if more ripples of the water's "edge" were created, as would distortions of any forms outside the water's sphere.
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