So, aesthetically speaking, I am a huge fan of all things cute. Ever since my Lisa Frank binders of the 90's, a part of me has never left my little girl Horsey phase. Because of this, the Sanrio corporation has me in it's adorable clutches for many, many years.

Like most artists, when I see a style I like, I like to try and draw it. I thought I'd design some stationary or memo paper for myself- like this. And I was astonished at how hard it was. They've taken the formula for cuteness and reduced it down to the point it's most basic and fundamental state. If one PIXEL is off, the whole thing looks off. I did notice it's easier to do in Illustrator that other digital programs.

It's embarrassing to admit that I'm having issues with what seems like quite a simplistic style. But I totally am. Any similar experiences? Can someone shed some light on adorable mystery?