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Thread: Windows 8

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    Windows 8


    Still stuck with Vista btw.
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    It looks neat. And if you want to sell smart phones, you want it to look neat, because all the competitors' smart phones look so neat.

    It might be just taste, but I like my OS and applications to take very little attention to themselves, so I can focus on what I'm doing. So I dunno, if it all looks like that, it seems a bit gimmicky..

    oh, and I run XP, and I'm happy with it.
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    What are they trying to do, emulate the ipad? Doesn't look good at all
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    Doesn't really do anything revolutionary if you ask me and to abolish something as simple and fundamental as the desktop makes the old man in me grumpy.
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    I'm not very happy with that.

    I'm in that horrible bracket of people who knows enough that they don't need an insultingly simple UI, but not enough to make full use of linux. It also has that kind of fake, plastic look a lot of knockoff versions of things get.
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    Windows looks less and less made for people who actually work.
    Why would I want Windows to turn my PC into an iPad with mouse and keyboard input?
    Maybe I'm missing something and this version is only for portable devices, in which case never mind my reply.
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    If the demonstration had been done with a keyboard and mouse, rather than a touch screen, I would have been far more open to the idea. I couldn't see using this with my desktop and I'm not interested in touchpads.

    I also hate gesture-based controls. I know some people rave about them but I'd like to see what I'm doing and choose my specific actions rather than flail around and hope the window I want will eventually pop up.

    While these pretty much kill any interest I had in the OS I actually wouldn't have a problem with the tile-based interface providing I could display more at one time. As I see it, they've basically just taken the desk top and made it interactive - and allowed programs the option to display information in their 'icon,' that sounds good to me.

    Really I need to see the interface on a desk top being used as a desk top, I suspect much of what I don't like so far is easily disabled. I mean it's not like they could require a touch screen. For now I'm happy with XP, and if for some reason I need to upgrade it looks like Win7 is a decent enough OS - but for now I have no reason to use it.
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    It seems unnecessary to add all these things. The desktop icons are already sufficient as they are, it's clear what the icon means and there's no need to change them. Every new Windows lately has been more about adding useless fancy new things and less about improving more important aspects (higher speed, less freezing, less errors, etc.) As for the touch screen... if I wanted an iPad I'd go buy one. Or I'd just use my iPod touch because they're basically the same thing. I guess I'll just stick with Windows 7.
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    It looks absolutely horrible. If this is going to be the future of desktop computers, then I'm never upgrading again for the rest of my life. Every version of Windows seems to get more convoluted than the last.

    I need an OS that is quick, simple and stable with none of this flashy UI crap. I'd probably take to using a Linux system of some sort if it ran all my programs.

    Why do they insist on reinventing the wheel all the time?
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    Well yeah, it's pretty obvious with Android and iPad/iPhone apps out there, Windows needed to step up.

    So for smart phones and tablets I can see why the change.
    Since it was stated you can turn this off for desktop, no big deal.

    It looks fine for other kinds of devices, just not really necessary for desktop. I think Windows7 is fine as is and won't upgrade, but a tablet I also do have so the potential it has for that may work better.
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    i think its great, a little more intuitive, and you can switch to classic windows 7 mode if you need to.
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    I like the way that they brought up Excel and didn't use it as it needs data imputed, like actually real figures not something dragged out the the air by a click of the fingers.

    They've lost sight of the fact that a computer is a tool, not a toy. Cool factor means diddly squat when there's work to be done. We are not children.
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