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    Logo / Emblem Design

    Just a logo I worked on for the express purpose of seeing if I'm including (or excluding) elements which make a logo "successful".

    Any and all feedback is very much welcome.

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    Smile I like it

    I like the concept of the logo. The only thing I would point out is the background of the logo (the gray gradient area). I think it would look much better without it.

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    From my experience i would say that a logo's suitability is dependent on the market thats being aimed, the pre-conditions of that market, and the associations or impact that are intended to be made through the logo. These are things that should be considered when designing a logo.

    If this was a logo for the a comic book production group or the logo for a board game or card game mainly aimed at those aged from 13-18 it may be suitable. I would think that whatever it is representing involves a cross between magic and war, most likely in a fantastical setting of ancient times, but could be in the future.

    I would say this is the case because:

    *The writing looks like elven or ancient magical text. (again if you are targeting a very specific audience you must understand basically where they are coming from; many sci-fi gaming or role playing nerds know their stuff so prefer consistency or they will call you out on it)
    *The sharp staggering points of what i'm reading as the helm shows it was made in the context of a war based society that chases and values power. It could also be associated with something robotic and reminds me of a transformer, so could indicate its future based. More associations with complex technology who give further indication this because most people of a technology based society like ours considers the more complex things are the more 'superior' they are.
    *The dark purple folding like shape isn't fully identifiable, my mind thought of it as either a shoulder cloth, hood, or cape like thing worn by whoever wears the helm, or it may be a some structural or environmental based representation such as the a castle-top or mountain that the wearer of the helm is in control of or fighting for.
    *The style it has been presented in resembles comic or animation based illustration in its final/complete stages. Because of this a chunk of people will have particular associations ranging from nostalgic to escapism in the fantastical.
    *Also the colour rage gives a mystical or unknown feel... purple can do that well depending on the context.

    I guess i would ask what were the intended audience you had in mind when designing the logo and what impact was intended to be made? Who did you imagine it would appeal to, and how did you what it to appeal to them?
    If it was for a real company or project this questioning will ultimately end extending back into the intentions behind the company/project (ie. are they trying to make money through it, are they trying to make an impact on people ethically or socially, etc.) and also the values and conditions of the audience being aimed at. Different cultures, societies, and generations can value different things for different reason, or the same things for different reasons.

    Also when creating a logo it can help to think of what other ways the logo could be done that would better communicate what was intended.

    Hope that helps.

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    Great points Steve! Definitely, the context in which the design was created should be considered - I kind of went the opposite route and just designed without a distinct association to any product or company.

    That said, if I were to use it for something - I would probably use it in a brand of clothing (mostly because I designed it just trying to make something that looked cool, and nothing much deeper than that). Specifically probably as a brand of MMA wear since - as you said - the look of the logo has sort of an intimidating and war-like tone to it. Furthermore, I though "Wraith" which is a synonym for "Ghost" was a quick one-word name that would instill intimidation.

    As for the look of the logo, I tried to make something both ghost-like and war-like, so it's basically a nebulous hooded figure, wearing a spiked helm. I tried to get it to look like the Witch-King of Angmar, without making it too similar.

    But yes - whether this logo succeeds or fails depends in large part on what it is intended to be used for.

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    the logo's cool but the lettering could be better

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