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    My portfolio for game art/design....

    This is the beginning of my portfolio as I just got my own domain today. I would like to have a well rounded portfolio and not just focus on one part of designing video games. I would like my portfolio mainly aimed towards concept art, with some 3d modeling, level building and design, and even mabe some animation and UI designs. Please let me know what you guys think, I dont take criticism hard so your critiques are very welcome(good or bad haha). Im a very open person and weather you get the idea of my visual aesthetic communication is totally up to you, as I feel I achieved it regardless. But I also love feedback so its much welcome. Thanks for checking it out if you do.

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    Great work i really like the first 4.Try minimizing the use of gray,a little bit more colorful can work really great but if that's what your aiming for then do it your way...still though nice job! :]

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    Website is solid. You've got some cool stuff in your portfolio. If there were two things about all your pieces that could be improved, they would probably be color and contrast. I've attached a quick paintover of your bow-wielding warrior. Black and white with a blue bow looks cool from a design standpoint, but if you wanted to flesh out the scene and give it some more life and action, there are several lighting questions you'd want to consider. Where is the light coming from? What color is the light? What color does orange light make on blue armor? Is there any backlight? What is the blue light of his bow shining on? What color are the shadows? (shadows have color too - usually a cooler color) At this point you could also ask questions about how much darks and lights are in the painting, and which need to be pushed or toned down.

    Here is a link to a really crazy example of color use: If you zoom in, you'll notice that he uses bright magenta, bright yellow, bright orange, bright blue, bright red, and bright purple - all in a creature that has white fur, brown skin, and grey/blue armor. I think that's just plain awesomeness. Check out the rest of his gallery if you'd like.

    Anyways, I hope some of this is helpful. Keep up the good work, peace!

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    Hi there, first off I recommend getting rid of the index.html on your link. Don't worry, when you go your domain it will automatically take you to your homepage.

    One thing I noticed throughout your work was a lack of hard edges. I would experiment with them. It will go a long way in really taking your work to the next level. Focus on planes rather than nebulous shapes while you shade, it will really hit the concept vibe you are going for. And I would push color more as well.

    And if you haven't heard about them, I recommend hitting up some of the tutorials over at They've really helped me with compositional things and contrast.

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    Liking the website! I like the layout and your Homepage.

    My only one gripe with your stuff is....there isn't enough! You have loads of potential, that is easy to see, but if your going for the industry you would need a wide variety of your talents on show.

    Touching on what some others have said, use of more colours, harder lines, experiment like a mad man!

    Going to be keeping a watch on your page dude, keep up the great work!

    "Making art is like making love, you gotta put your bones into it."

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    Thanks a bunch guys for the feedback. I do need to experiment with more color and harder lines. I will keep working on more art as a LOT of my time is also learning other programs that will help me NOT be a 1 trick pony in the industry haha. So im also learning 3ds Max, Maya, zBrush, Radiant(level design) and UDK on top of honing my skills in concept art. Once again, thanks for the info!!

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    since we seem to be posting what a quick edit can do, here is another example.
    5 minutes doing some photoshop edits: a Hue and Saturation adjustment, then Curves, and a little dodge and burn.
    Bringing out the details we know you worked so hard to put in there, but were being lost with the muddy colour. There is definitely some good stuff, and some areas that need work.
    I recommend, to make things like the gun concept more interesting to see, since it's computer rendered, try a quick looping video, or Gif, rotating it in place. still picks just don't do it justice.

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