Alright, so I decided to change my major suddenly late in high school... I'm worried if I'm a bit TOO late though...

I decided to go to a community college to get my footing in the art field... my high school didn't have very many art classes so I'm trying to self-learn as much as I can, and attend art classes at the college.

I want to major in graphic design or digital art, but I'm a little restricted in terms of which schools I can go to... I have two younger siblings who'll need to go on to college and I don't want to mooch off my parents or anything... so I was looking into schools like MassArt, SVA and the Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC)... any ideas on these schools? I'm really leaning towards MassArt but I'm afraid that I won't be accepted. I just know that I need to get out of this community college.

What are my chances of getting into any of these schools if I have:

-An IB diploma from the 7th best high school in the country
-A DECENT portfolio
-Summer art classes that I took from a community college

Thanks all