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    Painter 12 brushes lagging and freezing. Any workarounds?

    I'm really interested in learning to use Painter. I've installed the Painter 12 demo on my OS X system and I've been trying it out.

    I've run into this problem (x-posting from the Painter forum hosted by Corel)...

    I'm finding that the brushes crawl and hang on the canvas. I'll try to make a stroke and the cursor will first just sit there motionless for about ten or fifteen seconds, then it will very slowly crawl across the canvas.

    Another similar behavior I'm seeing is that instead of moving smoothly across the canvas in unison with my pen movement, the cursor will pause and jump from spot to spot along the path of the stroke.

    Then I'll try to move the cursor over to a panel to change something and I'll get similar behavior in the panels -- cursor not keeping up with pen movements, following several seconds behind.

    I'm trying to narrow down the circumstances under which this happens. It seems worst when the "dab type" is "artist's oils" or "camel hair" but I'm seeing it with other types of brushes.

    Does anyone know of a workaround or combination of settings to get better performance?

    I'm using Mac OS 10.6.7 and an Intuos 4 tablet.
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    Found a workaround

    OK, it looks like the behavior described above is largely affected a brush's "feature" setting, at least for certain types of brushes such as ones with camel hair dab type.

    Strangely, if feature is really low, like below 1 percent, you get the lagging and other crazy behavior. Keep it above 2 percent and it's smooth sailing.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Any further details or insight on this issue would be very welcome.

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    No further insights but, yeah, the Feature will affect the performance of some brushes. A low setting mimics a dense bristle and requires lots more computation, hence the lag. Painter 12 now has a Feature Lock so that reducing the size of the brush increases the Feature so that you don't end up painting with a single bristle. Very handy but something to keep an eye on.

    Edit: where did that annoying emoticon come from!?

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    Thanks, Joe.

    I spent all day yesterday until 2:00 am figuring out what the brush settings do. The docs (as is so often the case) are copious, yet strangely unhelpful.

    I think I'm starting to get a feel for it. By around midnight I had managed to create a couple brushes that performed reasonably well and I actually liked.

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    If I remember correctly it's usually one of 2 things.

    If you have feature scaling enabled automatically it can be a problem
    The other may be multicore is checked. Uncheck it.

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