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    Cow Pablo's Porfolio

    Hey guys,

    My name is Pablo, I studied illustration and design and my biggest dream is to become an artist in the awesome world that are videogames.

    I crafted a portfolio with my best works and I don't know if I'm ready to spam it to all the videogames devs around.

    What do you think I shall remove, improve or re-do?

    Thx you very much! also, you can take a look in my resume... do you think its proper? shall I use a more "common" one?


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    If there is any weakness in the visual punch of your images, it might be in color variation. For example, skin tone never stays exactly the same. It's often more yellow in highlights, pink in midtones, and cooler in shadows. If a blue light is shining on skin, its going to look much, much different than an orange light shining on skin etc. I would recommend watching a movie and seeing how the faces are lit, especially at night. You'll notice a lot of blue shadows and orange highlights - very different from the "pinkish" skin tone that we sort of assume is always there. Hope that is helopful. I think your drawings look great.

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    My suggestion is making your anatomy less rigid and more natural. The human body has no straight lines, all bones have a curve even if just slight and with the muscles layered underneath it creates very different shapes.
    You have some nice stuff, keep working at it.

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    I agree that you need to work on your confidence in anatomy, perhaps there is a local figure drawing cooperative you can visit.

    I think the "traditional art" you have posted is weaker and will not help you get any work. The observational drawings have almost no attention to value and form, and are just cartoons. With some practice I'm sure you could upgrade this section in a matter of weeks.

    I also think you need to portray female characters more respectfully. Video games are desperate for female characters that are more than just sex objects.

    The range of subject matter needs to be expanded in general. Think about props, environments, and vehicles in addition to what you have.

    Keep up the good work, I like the extremely alien look of your designs so far, hope to see more!

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