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    Mai Humble Beginnings

    Hello everyone. I've snooped around this site a few times, eager to join in, and I decided it's time I do so.
    Come mess with me, and follow along as I begin my journey here.
    I will post my assignments later.
    For now, gaze at my "shiny desu crap" and help advise me on where to go next. Besides out the door. Thank you.

    Mai Humble Beginnings

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    long message is long (kinda like the long cat...)

    Hey this is kawaï... but it's pretty common and you want that to change, right?
    I'm not against anime, in fact I'm a big fan of it, but I'm sure that every mangaka has thoroughly studied anatomy before finding their style. And style's kinda what you're seeking, ne?
    Have you seen the sketches in the Naruto books? Or even just observed the characters very carefully? They each have special traits (hair, eyes, nose, mouth, even different jaw lines and face shapes) and different bodies. That is proof of great understanding of anatomy.
    Maybe your next step should be practising drawing full bodies and faces based on pictures or you in the mirror or staring at a friend/sibling to get a feel of the real proportions and to see the differences in people's bodies.
    Use good reference and practice. Practice a lot! Always. That's the key. You shouldn't be able to spend two days without doodling something.

    Now for your drawing, there. I can't help but make some comments, I hope you don't find me rude.

    Try and keep a steady lighting source. The lighting for the hat was obviously the upper right, but on the bow it seems to have shifted to the left. Can you see that?
    The shading in your drawing is rather simplistic and perhaps even flat, but that's because your shapes are flat.
    Think in 3D. A face has a kind of spheric shape and the nose sticks out as well as the lips. The eyes usually sink in their socket and the hair should be in strands over the face. Also, think of what a bow is. Is it hourglass shape with almondy shapes inside or is it a ribbon folded on itself, scrunching in the middle and fanning out at the edges? Objects have their own anatomy and you need to know about that, too. (actually, a good exercise for this in particular would be observing and sketching folds in your clothing or of a towel set on a chair)
    Don't try and add too much style until you actually know how the object you're drawing works and looks like in real life. Trust me, I did that way too much.

    Well I'm wishing you good luck and hoping you'll keep posting new drawings/experiences, I'll keep track of this thread!
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    My goal in life is to become good enough to make the whole world prettier...

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