The 12 Labors of Hercules Architect

1 Restore Hansel & Gretel's gingerbread house drenched by the rain

2 Design Tarzan's eco-friendly house (in the jungle)

3 Participate in a talent show for architects

4 Paint Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye with polka dots - à pois

5 Disassemble the Eiffel Tower following the instructions on the box

6 Shoot a remake of "The House" and "The Belly of an Architect"

7 Realize (at least) 1 of Yona Friedman's ideas

8 A project to make Pompeii inhabitable

9 Build the other 2 pyramids in front of the Louvre-Giza

10 ****, ** ** ****' **********!

11 Moving staircases, moving floors, moving ceilings, moving toilets, moving roofs, moving kitchens

12 Housexy you!