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Thread: Kristen's Animation Sketchbook

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    Kristen's Animation Sketchbook

    Hi all,

    I'm a student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, BC. I'm going to be entering my 4th year in animation in September, and hopefully by the end of it, have a completed grad film. I spent my 3rd year just trying all the software on the computers and every piece of equipment my school had in our tiny back room so the work I have right now is a real hodge podge. I really like working with stop motion though, and I will most likely be putting stop motion elements into my grad film.

    I'm trying to develop different methods to fusing my drawn animation with 3D sets, and using light as part of my set as well. Hopefully I will be doing more testing over the summer so I'm hoping starting this thread will encourage me to do so!!

    Here are a few things I tested over the course of last school year:

    My first time doing replacement animation. The character was first modeled and animated on Maya, and then the models were unfolded as templates, printed on cardstock, folded and then labeled as frames. This was a lot of fun (I say that now, but when I shot it I almost went crazy) but its extremely inefficient, as even though the model is simple for Maya, cutting and glueing each model took me between 1 and 2 hours to do. I could solve some of that with repeating animation but I am keeping it in mind and hopefully can figure out some more ways to make it more efficient.

    This project was done using flashlights and long exposure photographs, I did this in collaboration with my friend James. It was for a public art project in the Vancouver Skytrain stations. This is where I started getting interested in using light, this is more basic in terms of what could be done but we tried all sorts of different methods of catching the light and some of them were really helpful in understanding that relationship between light and the camera.

    This project was where I wanted to try mixing my drawn animation with my stop motion sets. One of my friends had done an installation where she had projected a time lapse on many layers of a fabric. The effect was really beautiful so I tried it with the intention of trying to make the character look like part of the set and not just composited in.

    Finally the last project here was made as a 'prequel' to the grad film idea I pitched for my end of the year panel. I made a character, a little girl, and tried out some more things involving light and paper construction. I made this concept image with paint, paper and a backlight -

    So my goal was to animate that. I tried a lot of things including paint on glass, making more models in Maya, etc, in the end I just made some quick replacement arms with glue and paper, and just a round head. I like how it came out, but I am not satisfied with it in terms of how I want to treat my grad film. Anyways, here it is, and I hope I can share some more experimentation with these techniques over the next few months. And here is my Vimeo, it has more things on it besides stop motion !


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