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Thread: New Job Listings Forum Confusion

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    New Job Listings Forum Confusion

    Today I noticed the new Jobs Forum, and I'm a little confused. Was there an announcement about this?

    1) Does this require I create a separate account in order to contact employers or will all listings include an email contact rather than relying on any sort of private messaging?

    2) Have the old posts been archived? This new site eliminates needless "email sent" comments and derailing, but some old posts included useful information. For example, one thread polling the cost of hiring a comic artist included helpful advice and links. I'm disappointed if that's (including my own posts) been lost.

    P.S. Ditto for the photography subforum.

    Just found the announcement which answers my first question. Perhaps having a website news, updates and announcements section that consolidates CA info -- the FAQ needs updating -- would be helpful. Though is the Wiki meant to fill that role?
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    I registered immediately when I found it and alas, it registers me as an employer automatically. We're just meant to scroll through the job listings and apply for them via their contact emails while they pay for advertising space. It's a smart system, actually. It'll help support the running of CA.

    It kind of has that feel of an unofficial guild, where artist's who are part of a group all share from the same pool of work when someone else needs a job done. It's kind of nice.

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    I'm more confused now too, even after reading the post and above. Also, my job listing for hiring is now totally gone and I can't find it anywhere. I checked under the "my account>my listings" section and nothing showed active. Been trying now for 10 days to get this fixed, sure hope I get credit for my wasted time the ad has not been running for.


    Thanks to another user, I was able to get thing corrected now I think. This has been really confusing because my ad that was posted disappeared without notice but now I think it is ok. But I still have questions like, for how long does it last before needing to repost, etc.
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    It's incredibly slow, and apart from the layout I dont see any actual changes. Unless the format where nobody can add replies was the plan...
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    I dont know why its different, but it is. You probably tried to make it better but its not. The old job section worked very well for me. Every day I saw many new topics. I had a lot of work. Now, its been a while but I havent find a job, there are some but not so much, dont know why...the fact is Im really in trouble and everything is fckdup.

    Probably you dont change it back, cause it has somekind of commercial purpose . Well, its sad.
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