Halo-8 (the comics & film transmedia studio www.halo8.tv) is looking for illustrators & animators to work with us on our upcoming slate of projects.

In addition to comic books, we've developed an innovative form of animation called "illustrated films" which mixes motion comics with 3D CGI, elaborate sound design & music, and dramatic voice performances by genre movie stars... the idea is to make an awesome new filmmaking format where art and cinema collide. We're still experimenting with the style, and we hope each illustrated film will take the format to the next level.

Our first "illustrated film" GODKILLER launched in 2009 and was a surprise success (it even played in movie theaters and it was distributed by a major studio). You can watch the film via Hulu here

Godkiller was developed prior to the current explosion of motion comics, so we're looking for illustrators and animators who want to work with us on taking transmedia animation to the next level. Our style is a bit different than motion comics, we're not aspiring to a frantic cartoon pace--we're creating cinema through illustration.

We're currently in production on Ben Templesmith's BLACK SKY, the next Godkiller, and an adaptation of Tim Seeley's HACK/SLASH. You can see the Black Sky teaser here

We're interested in all sorts of styles (sometimes we get a submission that makes us consider a whole different style than we'd been thinking), but right now some of the styles we're specifically looking for are:
- sci-fi
- gritty action
- dark fantasy
- sword & sorcery
- noir

You can see more about Halo-8 here
and more about our lead director here

If you're interested, please send a short email describing yourself with a link to your portfolio, and if you're an illustrator please attach 1 or 2 jpgs that best showcase your style.


BTW- If you've applied before and are still interested, please apply again. We try to respond to everyone but it gets overwhelming--often we love submitted work but we just don't have an appropriate project at the time. We always keep submissions on file, but it helps whenever you update us with new work and let us know that you're still available/interested.

Email them to deviant_maddy@halo8.tv