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    Question Why is money so hard/easy to get?

    I'm just curious, but why is it that those with things such as skill recieve little money. You either have to be really good at a job or really lucky to hit the big spot for the green (or rainbow, if you are from Europe).

    Why not lead a life that, say, leans on drug dealing or robbery? Do you realize how easy it is to grow/deal drugs? Or how easy it is to rob a store?

    Is it the risk factor that makes these such profitable things or that people just rely on the goodness of humanity when they leave their money out?

    Forgive me if I am wrong in thinking this way, but why is capitalism still around? Sure America is on the "top". But on the top of what? We live our lives here in the land of the free to make money and die. That's the basis of capitalism, correct? If you are profitable in a business, then you get to go to heaven.

    So why is it that money is so important, if we turn to things like prostitution, selling drugs, and robbery? Just curious what you guys think.

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    money is just something for people to get worked up about when they forget about being worked up about things that matter.

    Really, I could be a bum and get enough money in a half hour from begging to buy more big macs than I could eat...(49 cents each on Sunday!)....with enough left over to buy a sketchbook and a pencil, and a sharpener.....
    even if it took a few days to make the cash to get those few things, it doesn't belly is full of McD's. now I'm begging and selling sketches/drawings of random stuff....probably drawing scenes from the city......
    begging=food, then at 50 cents a sketch from a hundred page sketchbook I make 50 bucks.
    I'm eating, and I made 50 bucks, and I'm doing what I love to do...drawing....
    ...without a job or obligations I could probably fill a sketchbook like that pretty fast....even if it were only 1 book per week, that's still 200 bucks a month I'm making on drawing.(but being that I don't have other obligations, I could probably do twice that easily....and I'm sure there are people who're more generous that'd give more than 50 cents for a sketch!)

    I find a friend who can draw a li'l bit too....we both implement the same game plan....that's 400 a month between the 2 of us....enough to rent a dumpy place for a month...heat, food and drawing.....and from there you just do more.

    Capitalism isn't about money, it's about being able to succeed at what you improve your quality of life & stuff.

    I don't wanna be seen as ignorant, it's probably much more difficult than that being homeless.....I've just simplified the situation to illustrate that capitalism is about making & taking opportunities.

    Money isn't's more just a catalyst that facilitates our reactions in the world.....we don't necessarily need it in order to just helps the process go faster sometimes.....and really, it's not often essential for it to go fast anyways...

    -Rob(should mention his 25 grand worth of debt)
    My Sketchbook
    Encouragement keeps me swimming , even in the undertow of disappointment.

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    The biggest problem is not to get paid...its to get paid doing what u want.

    My problem is beeing interrested in prehistorical animals such as dinosaurs. In the usa there is a market for it but almost not at all in europe and especially not in sweden, my home

    So some of us/ U will need some luck to get anywhere.
    If U are young u can leave your home and go to more favorable markets around the world. When u have a family that wont work as smoothly..

    Never underestimate luck.

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