Hello, I am currently seeking new 3D free-lance artists due to vacancies that have become available. I am an individual, not a company and this is just a hobby for my personal graphic novels I write. My requirements are listed below, please read carefully before responding. You must have references and provide detailed examples of your work.

If you respond, please do so by private message, not in this thread.


Job requirements:

You must be at least 21 years of age and be able to speak FLUENT English.

You must have a Paypal account to accept or send payments. I only use Paypal, no exceptions.

You must sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before details of projects will be discussed.

You must work with a legal contract that will outline the project details, payment terms, copyright agreements, etc. I only work via contract, no exceptions.

You will be paid on a per project basis, NOT an hourly fee. See below for fees I have typically paid others.

You must work closely with me on projects so you can know what I need as time goes on. Communication is very important when working together and I require open and frequent communication. Typically, Skype, email and Dropbox works great.

You must have excellent skills in 3D modeling, including making very high-resolution textures for them,full model rigging and morphs.

You must own the following software for proper testing with programs I use: ZBrush, Poser Pro 2010 (or Poser 8 and up), Photoshop and Vue. Vue may be downloaded free of charge for the "Personal Learning Edition" from their web site at e-onsoftware.com.

You will be required to build models and test them on the software above to make sure they are working and ready to be used.

You must be able to replicate with great precision and detail human, alien or creature features based on concept art or real people.

You must have a very good understanding of human anatomy.

You must be able to create detailed clothing, armor, weapons, etc. for models if required or adapt those already made for models such as Daz Victoria 4, or Daz Michael 4. See below.

You must have extensive knowledge of Poser for compatability of the model in this program and know how to do various techniques, such as adapt clothing already made to a custom model.

You must be able to meet a time frame for the project that is outlined in the contract. This varies per project. Typically it is 3-4 weeks depending upon requirements of project.

Job Summary:

I am seeking to establish a very long working relationship with at least 2 free-lance 3D artists that will take time to understand my needs and work closely with me on my graphic novel projects.

Typically, I have been paying artists that worked with me about $700-1000 per custom human, alien, fantasy or creature model. This includes full texturing(UV maps, displacement maps, bump maps,etc), rigging and morphs.

Fees paid for vehicles, ships, props, weapons, etc. are based upon detail of requirements, number of items needed, etc. Price rages widely but typically I have paid other free-lance artists anywhere from $50-400 depending upon details as mentioned.

Payment is made 50/50, which is 50% to start the project and then 50% once project has been completed.