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Thread: 'To Find a Home' - Graduation animation

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    Arrow 'To Find a Home' - Graduation animation

    Hi there, please check out my short film. All done on my own except for the music and sound, which I must say the guys did a stellar job on that part. It took around 6 months in total (this includes story boards pre-production etc).

    Please enjoy! Any crits / comments are appreciated. (:

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    I dig it. the concept is clear, I really really liked the environments, the little character was pretty adorable. the smoke effects could use more inbetweens to make it more fluid though. They were pretty choppy. Also, sometimes when either of them turned their head sideways, their head would move, but their hair would stay in place for some time.
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    Ooh, this somehow slipped past me! I must say I love the atmosphere and pace. The music compliments it well too.

    Something you want to keep an eye on are things like feet slipping when moving a walk cycle. It was most noticeable at around 03:03 - 03:22 where it looks like he's doing a little hop backwards with each step he takes. I assume you had a walk cycle and then tried to move it along the screen at the right pace? The problem is probably not the pace at which you moved him, it's probably the fact that his feet don't move across the ground at a consistent speed. It's quite important to make feet move evenly between frames while they are in contact with the ground or you'll get some form of slipping when you translate the cycle.
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