Spartan Camp #182 - 50 gestures + Optional "Different media gestures study"
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    Spartan Camp #182 - 50 gestures + Optional "Different media gestures study"

    Spartan Camp #182 - 50 gestures + Optional "Different media gestures study"

    The aim is to produce 50 gestures by Sunday the 22th of May.

    - The gestures can be of anything, human, animal, cavorting capybaras.... You can draw full figures, but you can also go for heads, arms, eyes, or anything specific. All media can be used, both digital or traditional. Coloured or black/white. Quick scribbles or long studies. Imagination or referenced. Clothed or nude. Specifics are up to you!

    - In addition to this, participants can choose to do an Optional "Different media gestures", in any medium.
    Additional notes on this weeks’ Optional Study:

    Instead of a separate study, we will change how we do our 'usual' gestures. When doing your gesture drawing, make use of several media. You do not necessarily have to use several media within one drawing, just alternate between the figures. For instance you could do a couple in pencil, some with pens, some digital, some charcoal/watercolours/pastel, and so forth. Plenty of possibilities! The aim is to test out some different media and 'move out of our comfort zone' when it comes to tools for drawing. Use of a unfamiliar tool may give you some fresh insight as they all have different uses.

    *edit* I've used media as the plural for medium but I can't seem to find whether this is grammatically correct. If wrong- please do correct me!

    As always- reference advised, not obligatory. Colour, medium, time frame, any specifics are up to you! Good luck and have fun! And feel free to ask questions!

    50 poses is a challenge, but don't hurry or stress yourself reaching it! Focus on drawing, as practising is the main goal of this exercise.

    Criticizing each other is highly encouraged!! Share constructive criticism, reference images and resources!! Let's help each other get better!

    Come on soldiers! Flex those muscles!!



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