Hi there,

I'm currently studying Architecture in Portugal (almost finishing my 3rd year) but i realized that this isn't exactly what I want to do. I love drawing, and that's pretty much all I want to do in my life but when I applied to University I didn’t know what I would do with just Drawing….
I thought Architecture would be good but it turns out we work a lot more with computer programs and models, and I've found myself drawing less and less(or drawing in a ‘type’ different than what I like and wanted to draw), and that’s been rather depressing .

I've been looking for other alternatives and came across this site which I found really interesting. I realize that I haven't exactly been into this like most members here seem to be but concept art seems to be what I’ve been looking for.

There are only two courses in Portugal that focus solely on Drawing and illustration, but they’re recent so I don’t know yet what to think of them (though since they’re so few it narrows my list of choices here xD). I’ve also been seeing courses in the UK but since I don’t know anything about universities in the UK I have no idea what uni would be best, or if it’s a good country to study in this area. (Now I’m also with the dilemma of what country offers a better education….) I was hoping someone here could help me a bit =(

So far, in the UK, I like the Drawing course at Camberwell but I don’t know if it’s a good university. I also noticed that members here talk more about Illustration courses. Would that be better than Drawing courses?

Also, I saw a post here where it was said that formation or what course/uni we go isn’t really that important. So does it actually matter if I graduate from drawing or illustration? Or is it rather irrelevant whether I just finish architecture and try to enter this ‘world’ after it relying solely on a portfolio?
I’ve been seeing other posts here, but there are so many that I still feel a bit lost, so I would be really grateful if someone could give me some advices =)