Art: Francesco Lorenzetti Portfolio Review

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    Francesco Lorenzetti Portfolio Review

    Hi all, I'm new here my name is Francesco Lorenzetti, I'm 27 and I live in Switzerland. I graduate in 2006 as a traditional Illustrator at the Comics school in Milan an I spend last 4 years learning softwear like photoshop, z Brush and maya by my self and taking some idividual courses at gnomon school of VFX.
    My goal is to work as an concept artist but is very hard to get in this fantastic world also because I live in the middle of the swiss alps, but I must say that with your help and internet I will get it .
    So now I propose some of my portfolio pieces and if you have any criticisms are welcome.
    If you want to look my portfolio you can click the link

    thank you.

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    I can't believe that no one has commented on your work. You buildings and animal work is phenomenal. I wish I could critique it further but artistically I'm no where near you right now.

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    Thanks Oni I appreciate

    Last edited by Francesco_Lorenzetti; May 21st, 2011 at 06:16 AM.
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  5. Wow I really love your stuff O: Your environments and vehicle things are amazing. And the your creatures are even better Great perspective and creativity~

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    Thank you Aereon I'm fixing the first concept (big rocket) I wanna put more details on small spaceships I will post soon the second version

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  7. Wow!! , It looks great.

    Commission info
    If you interested, You can contact me via pm or deviantar note.
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    Nova Scotia, Canada
    I also think you work is very good. I especially like the first one where it is hazy on the top and brilliant and clear nearer the bottom. Very Nice!

    "Creativity emerges only when the imagination is given the freedom it deserves."
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    Thanks a lot nanshu and Razorleaf so here I post the big rocket 2°version, I redifine small spaceships, the ground and I put some details on the big building...tell me what do you thing

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    Beautiful pieces, each have a very real sense of mood. Keep it up!

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    Hi Francesco! Your portfolio is beautiful! You have many great compositions here and makes a balanced use of the colors and lighting. I loved to see it. I have a suggestion: You can try to render better some effects, like lighting, blasts, fire and such things. Apart from these minor details all the rest is very well executed.

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    Thank you Dactylus and isissousa you are right, on the next concept and illustrations I will be put more attention on those things, maybe find new way to paint it or different approach thank you again!

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    This stuff looks pretty good. My suggestion (since you mentioned that you know Maya) would be to work out a lot more of the details and textures in 3D before you start painting over the render.

    Just my two cents.

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    Amazing work! Very good enviroments and quality

    Freelancer Artist
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    I like your work. Its well defined and you have a consistent style. Very awesome!!

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    did u get a scholarship my friend?

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  17. Theres no doubt You're very skilled and I can't really help You. Only thing I didn't like is the blurry planet at 4th drawing, imo it doesn't suit polished spaceship. And this castle room is creepy, reminds me i haven't finished Amnesia: Dark Descent yet... Keep good work.

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    Im so jealous...hopefully I can get on your level in a few years

    Nice work...

    Will have drawings up soon
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    Really nothing to say maybe add more details (on the huge spaceship) or not you know it's good like that but it would add some density for exemple some metal plates. But you're skilled so what i'm saying is relative to what you wanna show in your image

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    Thanks a lot guys I appreciate your comments and constructive criticism
    To Giacomo: You are right, I should use more 3d on the base structure and then painting over, to be faster and more efficient.
    To wakethedevil: I didn't get a scholarship!
    To FUZION PREDATOR: You are right, but some times I prefer to stop and start a new concept or illustration and then come back later, maybe in few weeks, so I will keep in mind your critique

    Now I'm feel like I miss something on my portfolio, I want to put some more character and costume design, and maybe also some axonometric view of vehicles and environments ... I will post soon ...
    Thanks again

    P.S. Feel free to ask me anything, I try to respond as better as I can

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    Wonderful sense of depth, perspective, space. I especially appreciate the scene with the anti-aircraft action.

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    Como (IT)
    Great works, I wish a day, I could do stuff like those u posted.

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