Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and I know it's usually forum etiquette not to post new threads right away but I'm a little strapped for time and would like some info if anyone knows anything about studying 2D/3D animation in two particular schools in Montreal.

The two schools that really interest me are Cegep Du Vieux and NAD. The only problem is that I don't speak French and I'm not sure if they offer their animation courses in English. I know NAD claims on their website the courses are French only, but I've heard they changed that. Can anyone tell me how accepting they are of the ignorant, english speaking folk like me?

Also, I've had two years of experience studying animation at a school in Toronto, I have the art fundamentals down and I understand what makes good animation; what are the possibilities of applying for an advanced position if I show a good portfolio? I don't really want to start from the beginning and do another year of Art Fundamentals (and pay for it).

If both of them do have english options, which school would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.