Hey all, to introduce myself, I'm the production designer for independent film company Realm Pictures.

We are currently in pre-production for a series of 5 short films that are being executively produced by the Raindance Film festival and funded by Pepsi.

The brief outline of the stories are all based around the Atlantis myth, each film will be approximately 3 minutes long and cover a different time period in which humans have interacted with Atlanteans through history. These time periods are:

-Present day
-1588 in the Spanish Armada
-13th Century Britain
-149 BC at the battle of Carthage.

What we are looking for are concept artists who can both create images to capture key scenes from these shorts, as well as collaborate with myself and the costume department to create visually stunning images as part of the promotion. They can be either 2D or 3D, traditional or digital, whatever medium you are most comfortable with.

Though the work is unpaid, the promotional work will be taken and displayed in over 10 of the worlds biggest film festivals, (we are having a big promotional party at Cannes 2012) along the with the films themselves, which are to be part of the main lineup of Raindance 2012. This would then be following onto a large scale feature, in which it will be completely paid. It really is looking for people who would like to work as part of an art team I am trying to form as opposed to just looking for art pieces to be made.

Here is one example piece by artist Chris Goff to show what sort of thing we are looking for

For more information on the project itself, please visit our website where we also have a weekly video blog update to show more about what we are trying to do.

Also included a Info pack PDF about the project.

If you have any more questions please post them below or email me at


Look forward to hearing from you guys!