I'm working on a short film (approx 8 mins long) that is low budget - basically my own personal funds.

However I've garnered interested from Oscars academy member Max Howard, who says it has 'potential' for an oscar.

It's a sort of journey film, but a bit politicial and yet adventureous and surreal too.

Anyhoo, I already have some people who are working on the bulk of the 3d and animation, but they only work in 3d max. And what I really need is someone who is great with zbrush that really brings characters to life with detailing and sculpting, however the models would still need to be topologised in 3d max - so you need to know how to use both, as these models are for animation.

Unfortunately my budget isn't huge, and I need about 4 to 6 characters modelled, but it will be huge exposure with the backing I have.

Examples of work I love

Please PM if you're interested at all. Thanks so much!