So I've recently been having troubles with my Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet / Gimp 2.6. With more frequent use I'm finding more bugs that I cant explain. I'm running Windows 7, and again, using Gimp 2.6 for painting.

Not only have I had trouble activating my pen sensitivity upon plugging in my tablet, but recently a wierd glitch has been happening in the midst of painting. I'll be holding ctrl button to switch from brush mode to the eye dropper tool, when all of sudden it gets stuck on the eye dropper. Normally this isn't a problem as switching tools then switching back has fixed this, but after a small time it gets hung again, and upon switching tools, it stays hung. This time, every tool I attempt to use immediately turns into the eye dropper. For example, eye dropper gets hung, I switch to pencil then back to brush mode, I try to resume painting and it acts like the eye dropper (and even changes to the eye dropper icon) upon touching the canvas. Not only this, but when I attempt to save my creation, my keyboard refuses to type so im forced to save it as Untitled.xcf. My keyboard will only type after exiting Gimp.

Has anyone else experianced this? It's terribly upsetting to try and paint and then be stopped by this bug. :U Thanks for any help you guys can provide.