Magnum117's work - I'm a new member!

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    Magnum117's work - I'm a new member!

    Hi, my full name is Nicholas Lim Chong Hock. I'm in my final year at uni, doing a games design course. Below are some images of my past work, most of which are fairly recent, all the way back to 6 months ago.

    My work mainly focuses on the concept art side of things, especially for video games. Otherwise, they are just for fun. I enjoy doing sci-fi pieces, but of late my assignments have resulted in me dabbling in fantasy and steampunk themes.

    My pieces have had so little exposure that very few have ever seen let alone comment on them. Therefore, I'd really appreciate any comments and criticism. Also, please note that I do both traditional work and digital work, and sometimes the different mediums are combined to create my pieces, as you can probably tell.

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    Great stuff. Looking forward to watching this thread =)

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    You have some interesting concepts. The steampunk robot at the top reminds me of a Hydralisk. Overall though, I feel like you need to really work on your structure, proportion, and color. Most of your pieces are looking really flat because you aren't applying believable lighting. For instance in the Egyptian robot image, the side on the left of the canvas is very lit, yet your light source appears to be on the opposite side. Same thing goes for your first image. The robot is shooting out flames, but there is no sign of those flames emitting any light. I would suggest going back to the basics and put a lot of time into learning anatomy, perspective, color theory, structure etc... if you really want to grow as a concept artist.

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