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Thread: Todd Harris website/ebook any good?

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    Todd Harris website/ebook any good?

    Hello, I am just beginning to learn about art and have been researching things on the basics to see what would be helpful for somebody with barley any knowledge. With that being said, I found two things, a ebook and a websiteand would like to know if anyone knows if these are any good.

    While I already have a couple of books someone suggested in my other post, I still would like to know if people have any experience with these two websites. Are they worth the money, or are they nothing too special? I found his youtube, blog, and twitter and really liked his work I found on those, so I think I would learn a good amount from these if they are worth it. Any help would be appreciated and thanks for your time.
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    You mean...I can learn to draw? Here? NOW?! Without years of hard work, studies, and training? Fuck that! I want instant gratification! Sign me up!

    Sarcasm aside, I think I bought that ebook years ago, when I was first starting out, as the Natalie Portman demo joggled something in my memory. I don't know where I placed it though.

    That said, I looked over it a few times, then relegated it to the dustbin. Didn't learn much from it.

    There are no "secrets" or "shortcuts" to developing good artistic skills. It's all about practice, studies, hardwork and perseverance. If you want to learn how to draw the human form and faces, go to a local portrait or figure drawing session. Anyone trying to sell you a line of coke, saying that it will turn you into a great artist, is most likely eyeing your wallet, and is milking you for it. I should know, since I fell for the very same thing you're pondering about getting.

    If you want some books, invest in these:

    Hogarth (If you like the style)
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    Woo, this Harris guy lays it on thick.

    Never mind Harris's fluff, he's just making it sound sensational and far easier than it really is. Save your money. You can get most of these things from a good book on drawing. You can actually get them for free, if you like.
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    I don't think I could take a site called "" seriously...

    Honestly, though, you'd probably be better off checking out the almighty reading list sticky:

    ...there's a lot of tried-and-true art instruction standards listed there that would be cheaper and more useful than any kind of "learn 2 draw the E-Z way!" gimmick.
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    Oh god, this Todd Harris guy really IS a quack! I just noticed that if you pay him he offers Harold Speed's Practice of Drawing as a "free bonus e-book! regular value $45!"...

    ...That book is ALREADY legally available for free through Project Gutenberg!

    Makes me wonder about his other "free bonus extras".

    Actually, the fact that his first big bold bullet point is "how to draw hair!" is a pretty good clue that what we have here is a gimmick and not real instruction...

    (By the way, the Harold Speed book IS worth reading. So ignore Todd Harris and just download that book instead.)
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    Hey guys. I am Todd Harris. Someone has created the content in these e-books and used my name and art to sell it. I am in the process of contacting them and possibly taking legal action to have it removed immediately. I'm embarrassed and very disturbed about this and hope it didn't cause any of you much grief. My sincere apologies. I love art and respect the art community and I'm trying to get to the bottom of this. I'm absolutely sick that this happened.
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