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    Time isn't an issue

    Hello all,

    It's interesting to me to see that very many people are hung up on the amount of time it took to draw something.

    Really folks, time isn't an issue as long as you don't miss the deadlines. So please, don't kill yourself by stressing out or put yourself down if you didn't get it right after the million hours were up.

    Depending on the situation you will either have a deadline or a budget to get it done within or you won't.

    If you don't have the deadline then why bother with the time issue? (don't answer that, it's retorical)
    No you don't have to be fast to land a good job as long as you deliver solid ideas with a good rendering style within a reasonable deadline.

    Leave the time race issues to the Olympics.

    From a seasonal pro who has had too many overambitious production managers who don't know how to put together a schedual whilst keeping the crew healthy and sane.

    "To achive the impossible you have to attempt the absurd."

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    Totally agree Leo.
    I´ve seen it recently. What´s really important is to do it right, nothing more.
    I´ve start from the very basics, doing contour drawing from still lifes and casts. There´re times that it took me 1 1/2h or 2h to complete a drawing of a jar for example.
    My objetive now is to learn to see, so, with the jar in front of me, i look at it, then look again, again, again, do a line, look, erase it, look, look, another line, erase, fuck! look do a line, right! look..................
    and the time past very, very fast, but i don´t really care, i´ve my whole life to do it well......


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    I was always under the assumption that when it comes to commercial art, companies want to hire guys who can do the good work the fastest? Obviously, I don't have any hard facts...but it seems like if you want to make money at a company doing artwork, being fast is pretty much required?

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    I just can talk about learning proccess, not about the speed needed in a job.
    But i can see this need of speed, mostly in people who´s still learning to draw, like me...

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    - Hey Leo, I agree.

    I've done projects were the time issue was sooo unrealistic, that the quality of work dropped. As far as drawing fast goes, thats up to the individual. If you can, you can, if you can't, it's not the end of the world. I for one would like to draw a bit faster, get my ideas down quicker. But I must also consider the quality at which I'm drawing at.
    What I do, is keep casually drawing every day. Then look back and see how many I did in that day, and if their good enough (for me).
    I'm trying to get all proportions right, before I head on down the speed painting road...


    Leo - lurve your Star Fish Tavern, the colours are beautiful...


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