Hello, everyone! This is my first post, since I joined CA in October 2011, and only now I decided to start my sketchbook thread.

My name is Victor Fedotov, I'm 19 years old (turning 20 in a couple months) male, I'm Russian self-taught digital painter(?). I study programming at university, so painting is my hobby, but I really want to become an artist. I started painting seriously in December 2009 when I got a tablet.

I got interested in painting after I tried to draw anime fanart (he-he), after that I found some awesome improvements like algenpfleger's one, I got really inspired!

I'm here for getting feedback, critics, whether I'm doing it right or wrong.
Another reason is my lazyness, I hope this thread will make me to draw more.

Here are some artworks and sketches I've done last 2 months: