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    Angry Please Help! Trying to create an underwater monster scene

    So it's 3 AM here, I'm in the middle of doing a huge paper, and I got so frustrated with this picture (that I was irresponsibly painting at the same time!) that I figured that maybe if I came here perhaps one of you many talented artists could help me!

    Picture in question: Please Help! Trying to create an underwater monster scene

    I realize that they do not look very...connected/flowing/etc together. This is because the monster was a more recent, experimental addition (before that I had this weird robot thing that wasn't working out).

    My problems include: making this look like it's underwater, properly painting the monster with a realistic texture, and harmonizing the two. My biggest problem is the monster itself. I want to give a sense of depth and foreboding to the picture. Maybe I should take the buildings out in their entirety?

    Any and all help is much appreciated!

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    Why is there a helicopter in the water? How does the gun shoot underwater and produce shooting flames? Yeah, those pics really don't seem to flow together.

    Well, it's very hard to go for foreboding when there's an epic battle already going on.
    Maybe you should try to figure out what you really want to show and from what direction before going to the painting. Figure out what the monster looks like (preferably on a separate paper/image even), and what's happening (is the monster just emerging from the depths or are they already fighting), how light it is (or whether you want to go for light but muddy water or dark and deep water) and from what angle. Now that looks more like some sort of sidescrolling shooter game.

    Maybe try watching sea/deep sea documents for inspiration?
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    For your fish simply google image 'Angler Fish', the pictures should also help with water design. As the Angler is a deep what fish, I would suggest maybe a deep water scene. Using the Angler's fishing light and underwater base's lights to create a dramatic lighting scheme.

    Good Luck
    Mr. D

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    the further away the subject, the more water there is between us and it and therefore the more the waters colour will dilute the subjects clarity. The lower part of the image should be darker since it is further from the sun than the upper part. This may not come into effect in a deepwater scene, but then again you would hardly see anything in a deepwater scene except the illumination directly from the floodlights.

    You could add plankton up close to the viewer also, that might add a little authenticity to the underwater scene.

    just a few thoughts.

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    Thank you everyone!

    Tinybird: I meant to erase that helicopter--the picture originally was just of the building. I completely understand about the lack of flow because I started out with two different pictures. I may just scrap this and start anew. Thanks for the documentary link, I am watching it now.

    Mr. D: good idea! Thanks!

    ScottDotnNet: A very good point. The darkness in deep sea kind of just makes this an impractical scene in general.

    I think I am just going to start with a new drawing, guys. I may just finish the building on its own as the underwater scene just isn't working. I will try this again maybe when I am a bit more experienced with digital painting.

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