I made this illustration in collaboration with Stacey Owens, a model, poet, writer, diva... I meet at DeviantArt. As well as beeing an amazing bombshell, she is a talented writer, able to create a whole universe that combines retro-sci-fi, philosophy and deep surreal thoughts.
Is hard to put all this inner world in one single image, so I used icons to represent the struggle of the character Staceytron against dogamtic points of view.
About the technicall aspects of the image, I made a quick pencil sketch, clean it in Flash and finished in PS. Since the Staceytron world is that rich and mental, I uesd that acid colors that separate the image form reality, and used the exagerated perspectives that I like a lot!!

I would love to know your opinion about the image: color, compo, anatomy, etc...!!!!

P.D.: Sorry for my bad "engrish"!!! ^__^