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    Style and color comments, plz!!!

    I made this illustration in collaboration with Stacey Owens, a model, poet, writer, diva... I meet at DeviantArt. As well as beeing an amazing bombshell, she is a talented writer, able to create a whole universe that combines retro-sci-fi, philosophy and deep surreal thoughts.
    Is hard to put all this inner world in one single image, so I used icons to represent the struggle of the character Staceytron against dogamtic points of view.
    About the technicall aspects of the image, I made a quick pencil sketch, clean it in Flash and finished in PS. Since the Staceytron world is that rich and mental, I uesd that acid colors that separate the image form reality, and used the exagerated perspectives that I like a lot!!

    I would love to know your opinion about the image: color, compo, anatomy, etc...!!!!

    P.D.: Sorry for my bad "engrish"!!! ^__^

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    I find the stroke around everything's rim kind of annoying because of how it does not continue on overlapping objects like where her leg crosses over the hose. I'm also unclear as to why her visor has a soft edge when everything else in the image has hard edges.

    The hose is in about the worst possible positions. When she's facing forward it would wrap around the far side of her head come down over her near shoulder and then swing up between her legs. I know you're going for aesthetics, but that's so glaringly awkward it just loses it right there for me.

    All the cubes are cubes except for the one under her near side foot, which is squished clearly because it did not fit in the image properly when it was a full cube. It looks like you took the quick/lazy solution of squishing the cube instead of working a solution to allow it to be like the others.

    Good start though.
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    Something about the upper body position makes it look like it's not centered over the pelvis, although the big sweep of the legs obscures it a bit.

    Her left calf is way too short compared to the upper leg, making it look squished.

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of the top of the closer box being tilted toward the viewer quite so much. A little would be fine, but going extreme makes it look awkward.
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    Also, as there already is some highlights in the girl, they could be more green, as if they'd be the reflected light from those cubes chasing her. Now it looks like they are two unrelated images slapped together (unless that is what it's supposed be, and not an actual chase-scene).
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    [B]Thank yo all for the feedback!!!

    TRUEPINKAS: About the stroke, you ar right. I'll try to make it bigger. I think that bigger will look more as a frame for the image and not an oultine of the elements. The blur of the visor is because inside the helmet is a black hole, but I see that does not work fine. I'll look for another solution. The hose is uncomfortable, indeed XD but I like how the golden line corsses over her chest, so... I think is ok for me!!! ^__^ And you are totally right about the cube, is ugly!!! ^___^

    Nezumi works: Thanks!! !I knoe everything looks distorted here, but is something I was looking for. Is all about desgin, and did not pay too much attention to anatomy or realism. Anyway, I agree that the nearest box is f*****ng ugly!!! XD I'm gonna redarw it as soon as i find the Flash archive in the mess of my hard disk.

    Tinybird Thanks!!!! You are totally right!!! I have to light her in green!!!! Thanks!!!

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